Macy’s Beauty Box January 2021 unboxing

Yesterday my Macy’s beauty box arrived.  I was kind of surprised actually as yesterday morning I received an e-mail letting me know that my Macy’s Beauty Box was going to be late this month.  Admittedly I received the same message last month and my December box came in around the same time of month.  This is the second Macy’s Beauty Box I’ve received so I’m guessing they were accustomed to sending them out at the beginning of the month.

I’m not certain.  Regardless, it arrived.  For those that don’t know Macy’s Beauty Box is a $15 per month box ($16.27 with tax for me) and it is supposed to have five sample sized products per month.  This month the theme is Hair Care Heroes and with the exception of the perfume sample everything in this month’s box is haircare related. 

Since it isn’t hair care related, I will go ahead and start with the perfume.  This month I received a sample of the Michael Kors Hello Gorgeous to try out. The card says that it is a new perfume and I honestly couldn’t find a link to it. I don’;t know if that means it is so new it isn;t up on the Michael Kors’ site yet or if they have discontinued it. I’ll keep looking for links and will hopefully have them before I review the perfume.

I have added it to my perfume line up and as there is enough product in the little spritz bottle to last a week so I will give it it’s week of testing to see if I want to try and pick up the fill sized version for my collection.

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I did spray it once and it smelled nice enough that a week won’t be a hardship.  I did however accidentally spray over my water glass. Which I didn’t realize until I later took a sip.  It smells much nicer than it tastes. I do not recommend tasting it. I very much do not recommend tasting it. I do recommend Crest mouthwash however. I know it isn’t technically designed to get the taste of perfume from your mouth, but regular rinsing just left a remaining taste lingering on the tongue so I had to call in the big guns. Crest Mouthwash, for when you accidentally taste something nasty. Yeah there is a reason I don’t work in the marketing department. They do have a current discount running until January 18th, with the code posted just here and if you’d like to see their actual marketing (non-mimsy designed) there is an ad at the bottom of this post as well. It is much better than ‘helps when you’ve accidentally tasted perfume.’

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As for scent, I’ll get back to you on the details.

For now, me and my now minty fresh mouth are moving on to the hair related products.  The first item out of the pink tissue paper was none other than Klorane dry shampoo. And yes I did a happy dance. Those of you who read my posts often know that it is my favorite brand of dry shampoo. 

While I am currently enjoying the Nettle infused dry shampoo for dark hair, the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk that came in this month’s Macy’s box was my go to for a really long time.  I am always thrilled to have more Klorane products on hand.  (at the moment I am absolutely loving their eye makeup remover too, but that is another story.)

I initially thought that there were two dry shampoos in my Macy’s box this month because the second item that rolled out of my pink tissue paper bundle of fun was from Dry Bar.  It is the Southern Belle Volume Boosting Root lifter and it is apparently a spray foam that gives lift and volume.  Which from the name Volume Boosting Root Lifter I would expect.

Kind of a no brainer there.

I’ve tried several Dry Bar products. I think the last one I tried I liked the way it worked, but didn’t care for the scent.  It has been a while though so I could be wrong.  All of the Dry Bar products I have tried have been non-foaming so this will be a new to me product that should be fun to try out.  Currently I use the Oribe foaming mousse when I want to give a little volume to my hair.  It would be nice to find another product I like as at the moment it is the only real volumizing type of styling product I use.

The next item in this month’s box was the Verb Ghost oil. Verb has been cropping up in my world a lot lately. I enjoyed their hair mask and I believe I have a sample of their leave in conditioner in my to be tried drawer. 

Also in this month’s Birchbox I chose a sample of their shampoo and conditioner to try. Now courtesy of Macy’s, I have the Ghost Oil to try. By the time February rolls around I think I will have tested a substantial amount of their products. Which I kind of like. 

I like trying out a lot of different products from a brand so that when I put together an order I can order several different items at the same time instead of just getting one thing from the brand. I like having a list for each of the brands I like.  Plus, the only hair oil I’ve tried that I really liked has been the Moroccanoil for fine hair. (Yes, I know I don’t have fine hair, but I find it lighter weight  than the regular one and it works for me.)  It is a good oil actually and I tend to use it in the summer time especially as it is lighter in the hair than a lot of leave in conditioners.  But it would be nice to have a second oil I like keeping around so I’m glad I have the chance to try one. 

I have to admit that I have never tried anything from Rahua before.  I’ve seen the brand around, but I have never actually tried anything thing from them. I like that Macys put both the shampoo and conditioner in the box. 

I also like that they are tubes with more product than should be used in one sitting. a couple of uses will give me a better feeling for the product. bove all I love that this was not a foil packet. I won’t go into my shampoo and conditioner foil packet rant again, just know that while I can occasionally accept foil packets in other products I loathe them in shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t worry, I won’t inflict the full rant here.

I know it seems like a no brainer, but not all boxes pair the shampoos and conditioners.  I really like having both.  I also like that this is listed as their classic formula.  Since I’ve never tried anything from the brand it is nice to try their classic before trying out other versions.  At least that is my feeling.

There were two more items in the box this month.  One is a velvet hair scrunchie that was apparently created for Macy’s. It’s a cute little scrunchie.  It isn’t a really ‘wow look at that’ kind of scrunchie but it is nice and I will use it. I think I’m used to seeing the velvet scrunchies that are a little poofier. This one is only as wide as my index finger. This is nice and I’m sure it will do the job, but it isn’t all that spectacular.

The final item in the box is a mini ceramic flat iron from Sutra Beauty.  And when they say mini, they mean mini.  I popped a picture of it next to my travel sized Foxy Bae flat Iron as a size comparison.  (they both retail for the same price)

I use the Foxy Bae travel flat iron for my bangs when they go all wonky and sometimes to curl parts of my hair.  To be honest, I am not sure it will work with my hair.  It might be super fantastic, but it is really small and I have a lot of hair. It is adorable though and I like that it was included in this month’s box.

It really does make a box like this feel kind of special when you get a tool that you can use well after the samples are gone.  I really like that, even if I do have more hair than I think the mini flat iron is equipped to take. My mother however has shorter and thinner hair so since I already have a mini flat iron that I like and I think this would work better with her hair, I will be putting it back in the packaging without trying and sending it over to her. Funny enough, she has been claiming that her hair tool is actually too big and heavy for her hair, so this might be the perfect tool for her.

Even though I will not be using it, someone else will and getting this hair tool in the box made it feel luxe. Especially in a $15 box. (The tool retails for $59 on the Sutra Website.)

This was my January Beauty Box from Macy’s  I have to say I am very impressed with it this month.  It stayed on theme, it gave a good assortment of products and I for one will use almost all of them.  And the flat iron will see use, just not by me. I feel it was definitely worth my $15 and I very much look forward to seeing what Macy’s comes up with for February.

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