The Daily: January 12th, 2021

I am feeling much less blah today my darlings. The sky is still overcast but that miserable half rain half snow has stopped. I got in twenty minutes of a ChloeTing work out and I feel energized. Don’t get confused though, this isn’t the ‘runner’s high’ everyone talks about. This isn’t endorphins flaring letting me know I did something good for my body. It is just the absence of muscle soreness.

I’ve started acclimating to consistent workouts so my muscles are gradually accepting that I am going to make them move whether they protest or not. Of course now they aren’t protesting. I’m sure that means it is probably time to increase my workouts, but I think I’m going to stick with the pain free version for a little while loner, then look at increasing the activity.

Actually I had a bit of amusement with my BoxyCharm Choice. One of the choice items, and the one I chose was the Elemis Muscleease Active body oil. You are supposed to massage it into your skin after showers to ease the pain from freshly worked out muscles. While I will probably be sore again well before my February Boxy Charm appears, I like the thought that soon it will be on the way. I’ve always had good luck with Elemis products before, so I have high hopes. Plus I’m sort of tired of the scent of Icy Hot. Sea Buckthourn sounds like a much more pleasant aroma to wear after my shower.

I know chances are, I’ll still need the Icy Hot, but a girl can dream can’t she?

As for calories, I have been pretty good in that department. The cold gray day has prompted many, many mugs of tea so I probably slosh when I walk, but at least I am not hungry. Today’s tea was Apricot Escape from the Art of Tea. I highly recommend it. It is sweet on its own without sugar and has a bit of tart. It also tastes like fruit (apricot) and so it make me feel like I am having a bit more of a snack than I actually am having. Which is an added bonus. As clouds are rolling in, I am going to leave you my darlings. I suspect once the weather turns, my productivity level will drop with the fading of the sun and there are a few things I want to get done before I call it a day. I hope you are having a fabulous day yourselves. I for one anm just glad my blahs have faded away. I don’t get them often, but I am always glad when they leave.

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