Perfume Review: Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly

That’s right, it is time for another perfume review. For the past week I have been wearing Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly. It was a sample that came in my December Macy’s Beauty Box. I have to admit, I’ve seen Juicy Couture perfumes around for a while but never really tried any of them. I don’t know why actually. It just somehow slipped my radar.

I think it might be because the language in the descriptions don’t tend to grab me the way some perfume copywriters do. Usually the copy that accompanies a perfume paints a picture and lets you imagine the scent. The description for Le Bubbly is very much like most of Juicy Couture Perfumes descriptions…

Make every night in, a night to remember. Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly perfume for women makes pink champagne wishes and glam dreams come true, all with a POP of pinkatude. Your party for one has just begun as fizzy fragrance notes of pink berries and sweet jasmine keep things feeling bubbly. This couture scent is poppin’! #PartyForOne

I can see how that description is more of an effervescent bubble that goes along with the pink champagne, but it doesn’t suck me in like a lot of perfume descriptions do. I have to admit, I love the descriptions of perfume almost as much as the perfumes themselves.

But that aside, it is the perfume that matters.

And as I have the sample, I tried it regardless of the accompanying text.

When sprayed on the wrist, the scent comes on a bit strong at first but almost immediately fades back to something that stays closer to the wrist. When i first applied it I thought that it was going to be one of those perfumes you can scent from around the corner. It is not.

Nor does it fade away completely throughout the day.

It is just excited to leave the bottle. Then once it has greeted the room, it settles in. In an eight hour day it did fade down a little bit more, but it was still a noticeable scent at the end of the day. That initial fade down is generally what it holds for the day.

I really like scents that stay close to the skin. I wear perfumes I like but I don’t want to force them on others. I think of scent as something more personal and like for them to remain in my personal space. This one does. Others you are talking to can smell, but really only when they are right in front of you and not across the room. Which is kind of the perfume sweet spot for me.

The only scent indications the description gave were red berries and sweet jasmine. I definitely scent the sweet jasmine in this perfume. It is one of the defining scents. However I don’t really get red berries. Oddly, I get more tangerine.

The scent is sweet, but not cloyingly so. There is a tartness that mellows the sweet out a bit. It doesn’t hit as really floral though. I think that is why red berries took first billing over the sweet jasmine. There are floral notes with the jasmine but it leans slightly fruity.

I actually rather like the perfume and am sorry my sample is almost used up.

I would say that despite the fact that the description leans more towards party than anything else, this is definitely a day time scent more than a night time one. I think you could wear it at the office and transition to happy hour with it, but it isn’t one I would deliberately put on for a night out.

The bottle the perfume comes in is very much in keeping with the Juicy Couture theme. It looks like a Juicy Couture product. While pretty the pink and the bows make it visually look as though it is for a younger audience. However, while the perfume does feel young and fresh, it does not feel little girl-ish. It is a scent that an adult could wear without the scent seeming too childish.

The perfume is a new arrival to the Juicy Couture line up of perfumes and the bottles fance in price from $25 to $99 on the Juicy Couture site. I don’t know if this is limited edition or if they are going to keep it around. There is a mention of it being a part of the Limited Edition Collection. I don’t know enough about the brand to know how long their Limited Editions last. Some companies have a limit of only a few months while others keep it seasonal or eventually ad it to their line up. This is my first Juicy Couture perfume and I was surprised how much I like it. I will be paying attention to the availability and hopefully adding a bottle to my collection. It has also encouraged me to try more from the brand. They have quite a few perfumes out there, I think it would be interesting to see how their standards compare to this one. Sobelia actually has many of their scents, most for 40-60% off the regular retail price. I might be perusing their selections later as it is a great way to try out scents without breaking the bank.

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