Look Fantastic January 2021 Unboxing

I am always happy to see my Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrive on my doorstep.  It always has products I will use and usually at least one item that I get super excited about. Look Fantastic is a UK based subscription box so these days I just feel like cheering when it manages to leave one country and enter another one.  At the moment that feels like a magical effort all on its own. And this month it made the journey with what appears to be a little less difficulty than December.

I am so happy it is here.

So Look Fantastic is a Beauty box that has 5-6 products for $19 per month.  The items are mostly deluxe sample sized products with a few full sized ones thrown in on occasion. I really like that they include a large number of high end luxury brands in the box.  I am a big believer in the try before you buy, especially when it comes to pricy items and I have found many items in this box that I might have passed over because I didn’t want to commit to a full size until I knew I liked the product. There have also been high end brands that I saw and thought I wanted but after I tried it, decided it wasn’t for me.  There is a benefit in that as well.  In addition, because this is a UK based subscription box often the products are not ones I am extremely familiar with.

And now that we all now what this box is about, lets dive in and see what came in the January box.

The first item I pulled out of my box looked like a face mask.  However it is not.  It is the StarSkin Hollywood Hand Model Hand Mask Gloves. I have used Star Skin before.  I currently have a couple of their masks sitting in my masking drawer. 

I have tried many sheet masks and even a few foot masks, but I have never tried a hand mask.   I have to say I am kind of excited by this.  I’ve been using cuticle oil and hand cream to combat the effects of extra washing and near compulsive hand sanitizer usage, but a hand mask sounds like it could really help. 

I may add this to my Face mask Friday this week. This week I am going hard on the Vichy Mineral Face mask because I used a cleanser that dried out my skin badly and I am doing damage control and this is one of the best hydrating masks I’ve tried.  It might be nice to add a little hand mask to hydrate my hands as I repair my dried out skin.

But that is for Friday. 

The second item I took out of my January Look Fantastic box was actually the spoiler for last month.  Each month they put the spoiler for one of the following month’s products in the booklet that comes with it. 

The booklet, incidentally, is like a mini magazine and I always find some piece of useful information inside. The item in this box was the SVR Hydraliane Intense Moisturizing Cream. I’ll admit, I have never heard of the brand before so it will be a completely new experience to try it out.  But it is a really large size to try out so that is nice. I’m actually deliberately not looking anything up about it at the moment so that I have no bias when I start to use it. I don’t want my expectations tempered by what I might read online.  I like going in with a blank slate with a brand whenever possible so other people’s opinions won’t affect my own.

The next product out of the box comes from a brand I have heard of and not gotten around to trying out. The Brand is Grow Gorgeous and the product is the Balance Overnight Mask. I am always happy to try a new night mask.  I have a lot of moisturizers that fall into the gel and water cream category and I find that while nice in the day time, my skin craves deeper moisture at night. I am currently finishing up a night cream at the moment but as soon as it is done I will rotate this into the mix.

In this box there was a Verso Eye Cream.  Eye cream seems to be a popular item at the moment.  I have actually tried this eye cream before.  It is quite pricy and while it works okay, it isn’t my favorite eye cream.  It isn’t a bad eye cream, but there are several products I’ve tried that I like better. So I am going to put this in a care package to my mother so she can try the brand and see if it suits her.

The next two items are makeup related.  The first is the SO ECO  complexion sponge.  I have to say this comes at a really good time for me.  I am currently using the Huda Beauty Basic B makeup sponge.  It has one flat side that I have really come to love, as well as being composed of  a density I like.  It is however showing a bit of wear.  Trading it out now and again with another sponge will hopefully make it last longer. 

The density of this one is very similar to the Huda Beauty one, but it doesn’t have that flat edge I like.  I know other makeup sponges have the flat edge but the ones I tried had a different density. And as it turns out the feel of the sponge as a whole outweighs my love of the flat edge.  So I will use this, even as I reorder my Huda Beauty.

And finally the last item is a lipstick.  A Matte Me liquid lipstick from Sleek to be exact. There were multiple shades available and the one I was sent was Hellacious which is kind of a burnt umber shade. I actually really like the shade. The swatch (below) shows up a bit more orange than the product does in real life. I have one other Matte Me Lippie but it is a very bright pink that doesn’t suit me at all (In fact it looks like my lips lost a fight with a vacuum when i wear it.) so I haven’t gotten around to trying it.  With a shade I would wear I can do more of a test to see if I like the feel and use of the product.  As anyone who reads my posts on a regular basis knows, I am always willing to try a new lip product.

All in all I am really happy with this month’s box.  Everything in it is a product I will use, some I’ve heard of but never gotten around to trying, others are a complete mystery.  It is a nice mix of items.  Look Fantastic usually leans more to the skin care side of things, but I am happy there were two makeup related items included as well.  Speaking of which, the spoiler for next month is a makeup item.  It is the Illamasqua Beyond the Veil Primer. It is a mini one.  I’ve used the minis of this product before and actually have a full size in my dressing table.  Actually, I chose it as my primer for this week’s makeup bag.  So I will be talking about it this Friday when I do the weekly Makeup Bag Post if you are interested in hearing more about my opinions of it.

I really enjoy this box and I really enjoy the Look Fantastic Online shop.  They have new deals running every month and I find it is a great way to pick up some of my favorite things for just a little bit less. They have a few really great sales on now actually. I’ll list them down below so you can click on the ones that might appeal to you.

These Look Fantastic sales run from January 19th – 25th

Sitewide 15% off with the code EXCLUSIVE15.

25% off French Skincare Favorites with code FRENCH25 (Brands included: Filorga, NUXE, Embryolisse, Talika, Darphin, & Bioderma)

25% off Retinol (no code needed: Brands included: NIP + FAB, Zelens, Pixi, Elizabeth Arden, REN, Skin Doctors, SVR Laboratories, PCA SKIN, NEOSTRATA, Jurlique & more!)

25% off TriPollar products with the code TRI25

25% off Perricone MD with the code PMD25

25% off Sarah Chapman with the code SC25

25% off Shea Moisture with the code Shea15

25% off Candles and Diffusers with the code CALM25 (Brands included: NEOM, this works, Rituals, Sanctuary, OSKIA, Aromatherapy, Cowshed & more!)

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