BoxyCharm Premium January 2021 Unboxing

This month’s Boxycharm finally arrived. Whereas last month it slipped in without any warning, arriving on my doorstep with not even a tracking number sent to my inbox, this month there was quite a lot of fanfare. But first…

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription service. They have several tiers and after trying them all, the premium tier was the one that consistently had the items that I wanted to use and fewer of the ones that didn’t interest me, so when I paired down my Boxy Charm subscription (so i could try out other subscriptions) it is the one I kept. The premium box is $35 per month and inside you receive six full sized products. (The link will take you to the main page and let you know the details of this and all their other tiers. I am not an affiliate but I di get points if you sign up through my link.)

So let’s see what arrived this month shall we?

The first item I pulled from the box was the item I chose. This was the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Instant Retouch setting powder. (retail $32). I am always happy to have powder arrive in my subscription boxes. If I pare down my makeup for the day to the bare minimum I will get it down to powder, mascara and lip balm. So powder is one thing I will always use up.

I actually opened it right away so that I didn’t lose the plastic cap. When you open the powder it has the little safety seal over the product, but Fenty also includes an interior plastic cap to keep the powder in place once the safety seal is taken off. If you get this make sure not to throw it away. I’ve had some good products from Fenty Beauty and some that I wasn’t too thrilled with. Hopefully this will fall into the fabulous category.

I am also hoping that the Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume Lift and Curl Mascara (retail $24) will also prove to be a winner. It too was in this month’s box. I have added several mascaras to the empties bin this weekend but i also have several ready to try so I need to decide which to open and try out.

The third item was the cause of the fanfare this month, at least as far as my inbox went. It is the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask (retail $48). This item was in everyone’s box this month. A year or so (maybe two) ago it was the mak on everyone’s list. Everyone raved about it and claimed it was absolutely wonderful.

Then when boxes started arriving there were breakouts and skin irritations reported when people started using the product. About a week before my box shipped, there was an e-mail sent out by Boxycharm on behalf of the Brand Summer Fridays and it let everyone know there was a small batch of contaminated products and while they thought they rounded up all of them, subscribers needed to do a test patch before applying the mask to the face.

I appreciated the warning and will be doing a test patch a couple of times this week. f the mask passess then I’ll try it out as the Friday face mask. If it doesn’t pass I will use something else this Friday. I do appreciate the warning and the recommended testing areas and methods listed in the e-mail. I’m also pretty sure this might have something to do with the boxes being shipped out a little later than usual this month. I’m okay with that as well.

If there might be a problem,. I like to know before I slather possibly contaminated product on my face.

I’m kinda crazy that way.

Also in everyone’s box this month was the Ofra Cosmetics Good to Go Mini Mix Palette. (retail $39). While I have used many Ofra Highlighters and a couple of their blushes, I have never tried their bronzer or their eyeshadows, both of which are also in this palette. I am looking forward to it as I usually have good results with their product. I added it to my makeup bag this week and I even added my favorite ofra lipstick to the bag as well. So this week’s review will be an Ofra heavy week. I just couldn’t resist it.

There was a lipstick in my BoxyCharm Premium this month and it came from Laura Mercier. It was the Rouge essential Silky Cream Lipstick (retail $32). It is a little too coral for me to wear on it’s own but I am hoping I can blend it with something else and make it wearable.

I’ve had a Laura Mercier lipstick before and really liked the formula. Plus the packaging is just so pretty. I just hate that it is coral. I think with a darker lipliner and blending I can make it work but coral on me just looks way to orange. so I was both pleased and sad to see the lipstick. But I will try to make it work.

And finally there was a PMD Beauty Silver Pure Makeup removing Cloth ($30). It is a makeup removing cloth that is said to have anti-aging benefits. While I am always happy to have another makeup removing cloth, I’ll have to look into those extra properties and get back to you. Perhaps it will be a miracle product. Bit even if it isn’t, it is another makeup removing cloth so i will happily use it.

Over all the retail value of my $35 box was $206. But more important than the basic retail value is the fact that I will use all of the products in the box. There is a possible exception for contaminants but if not found I will be using the mask. I actually think this is one of the better boxes we’ve had in a while and I think it is a fantastic way to kick off 2021. Here’s hoping they keep the ball rolling.

Kristofer Buckle

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