Dream Cocktail from Color Wow

I know some of you saw the word cocktail and are suddenly wondering if it is Friday afternoon and not Monday morning. Rest assured, your days have not been confused. It is most decidedly Monday morning.

The Coconut infused Dream Cocktail from Color Wow was gifted to me to try out and review. I am so grateful for them for sending this over. I have to say that while I have friends who rave about the Dream Coat and I have long been interested in the Color Security Shampoo and conditioner, I knew nothing about the dream cocktail line.

So of course I did some research. According to the website this Coconut Infused Dream Cocktail

Healthy hair strands have a natural outer lipid layer that locks in moisture. When heat and chemical treatments damage this barrier, hair becomes dehydrated. Coconut Cocktail is a leave-in treatment formulated to replace and mimic this essential lipid layer with a proprietary complex of 18-MEA and coconut oil. When you blow dry, this formula is activated and instantly bonds a healthy layer of hydration to your hair’s surface. As a result you get hair that’s in optimal healthy, supple, “swing-y” condition.

Paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, vegan

Great for curly and textured hair, or anyone with dull, dry, dehydrated hair. Color-treated hair, keratin-treated hair. Over-processed or damaged hair.

Three pumps of product

I have to say that sounds promising. In the winter my hair is dry and I get so many fly aways that I look like i am constantly carrying a static charge. In addition I do dye my hair, actually I just dyed it this weekend and will be posting about it tomorrow in fact. I actually tried this Dream Cocktail before I dyed my hair and then I used it again after dying my hair.

My hair prior to dying it (again) was dull and faded. And a perk up was not a bad thing to try. For those of you who have read my posts in the past, you know that while I like Coconut, the scent isn’t one of my absolute favorites. I know some people adore it. I was mostly ambivalent to the scent of coconut before this summer, and then everything seemed to have a coconut scent to it. I don’t know if someone wanted to make me feel like it was the tropics because I wasn’t going on any trips but it felt like every product that entered my house was scented with coconut.

I will say that while this product comes out smelling very coconutty, the scent fades very quickly so I am not surrounded by a coconut scented cloud. I was slightly worried when I first dispensed it. But the worry very quickly faded along with the scent.


And despite the overuse of the scent, coconut is in general good for the hair. Coconut oil helps prevent hair breakage and can help hair grow longer. It promotes shine and it even gives a boost to the proteins in your hair. There is actually a whole lot of science behind its use in hair care. This Helathline Article goes into much greater detail than I will go into here, but the end result is that even though I am not a huge fan of the scent of coconut, I am a huge fan of the use of coconut in hair care products.

No to use this product I first washed my hair, not the fabulous wet do I am sporting in the photo. So tangled and messy. To see how well this worked I set the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo to the side for the first test. I really like the way my hair performs with the shampoo but I wanted to make certain I was seeing the Dream Cocktail for what it was rather than just seeing the fabulous shampoo.

wet hair

So I chose a shampoo that I have currently at the house that I simply don’t like. (For reference it is an Acure Shampoo. Back in April when we were panic stocking the cabinets with staples several bottles of different varieties were on sale so I picked them up. I do not like the way they work with my hair. My hair always feels slightly stripped when I use them. They do make great products to test hair care products on but once I run out of my stash I will not be repurchasing.)

So I used the not so fabulous shampoo and instead of going in with masks and leave in conditioners I just used the matching conditioner and then sat down for my hair’s cocktail hour. It is recommended that you use two to three pumps of the product. The image with the product in my hand shows three pumps. The first time I used this product I used just the three pumps and combed it through my hair. While it worked well I found that using the two pumps in my hair was better and then after using the two pumps on my hair I dispensed a third pump and put it directly onto the ends of my hair. As my hair is likely to break at the ends, I wanted to give it a little extra product, and for me that worked really well.


To apply to my hair I rubbed my hands together, then turned my head upside down to run my hands through my hair. After I applied it to the ends and began to dry.

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I then broke out my hair dryer, and dried my hair. For the purpose of this test, I only dried it and then once dry ran a comb through. I did no other styling. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t use a detangler in my hair and the Acure Shampoo really needs to be followed with a detangler, but the Dream cocktail did a good enough job detangling on it’s own. After the first time using this, I did end up using a light spritz of detangler (the Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder) and the slight tangle problem I had was gone.

Even without the detangler in my hair, this product didn’t snag too much so it is more of an extra insurance rather than an absolute necessity.

So how did the product perform?

Well in the photos, you can see it is smoother with far fewer fly aways. It has a healthy shine to it as well. The real difference was in how it felt. My hair felt like silk. The dryness was gone and my hair moved easily and well. It looked an felt much healthier. There was no heavy feel to the product and no ‘crunchy’ bits from where it went into my hair. My hair was just beautifully silky and smooth. While looks are not hugely different, the feel and texture was very much improved. It is a little hard to convey with images, but in person the differences are easy to see.

For me, winter has always been a time of dull dry hair. In the summer time it isn’t as big a deal for me, not only are we not running the central heat, but in the summer I keep my hair pinned up a lot. It is just too thick and heavy to leave down in the summer heat. So in the summer I have fewer problems. In the winter, especially after a lot of styling and dying and central heating, this product really shines, and now so does my hair. I had not really heard of this product before it was sent over, but I have to say, I am very glad it was sent to me to try out. I am certainly going to keep it around for winter use and definitely look into the other cocktails in the Dream Cocktail line to see what outer treats I can find for my hair.

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