Glossy Box Beauty Box February 2021 Unboxing

Late Friday afternoon I was surprised by the early arrival of my February Glossy Box. That’s right, it is here!  I love when the boxes come early because it means that I didn’t have a chance to see any spoilers and can just be surprised by the box when it arrives. I love the surprise. If you want to maintain surprise then i suggest looking away. That way if you want your own subscription to be a surprise you wouldn’t have any spoilers. As of the writing of this post, this box was still available so if you are trying to decide whether or not to subscribe or just want to see what came in my Glossy box then read on.

Always like unwrapping a gift.

This month the theme is Sing, Dance, Love, Repeat – very appropriate for February.  And they adjusted the design or the box to suit.  This month the box looks like an old school cassette tape. It actually looks pretty nice and it is one I will happily reuse. 

Of course the products themselves look pretty nice as well. 

The first item I took out of the box was the Avant Skincare Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar lip scrub.  It is full sized and as Avant ia a pretty pricey brand the product more than covers the cost of the box. (retail $71).

I know I didn’t mention it at the top of the post (because I just got so excited by the box itself), but Glossy Box is a $21 monthly beauty subscription that has five products that are generally deluxe samples with a few full sized items on occasion.  The cost lowers if you sign up for a yearly subscription, and If you sign up for a yearly subscription, you are still billed monthly, which means you don’t have to come up with a year’s worth of subscription fees at once.

I am on the yearlong plan and pay only $18 per month.  It saves me some money, but no matter what price, I always find something to love in this box.  It is heavily weighted towards skin care with a few makeup items.  What I especially like is that they are often high end products and tend to feature brands I have never heard of before or never tried. Currently they have a special introductory offer with your first box costing only $16 with code:RETRO

While I have heard of Avant and tried several of their products, my enjoyment of the brand has been a bit hit or miss.  Some of their products I like, others I don’t.  Lip scrubs in general I really like so I am happy to try it, and I am really happy that I get to try this one out without paying the full price for it. Or me that is one of the main subscription box benefits.

My second item was the SYS Moisturizing cream (deluxe mini – retail value $19.99).  I’ve never heard of the brand or read anything about it, but I am always ready to try a new moisturizer.  This one features prickly pear extract which I don’t believe I’ve ever had in a moisturizer before.  I’ve had it in a cocktail but not in skincare. The cocktail was delicious if I remember correctly.  It will be interesting to see what it is expected to do.

The shimmer powder – way too much dispensed, but it is lovely

The one makeup item in my Glossy Box this month is from Bellapierre.  It is a full size (retail $15) and it is the Shimmer powder.  There were three shades you could possibly get and I received the shade Wow which is a sort of pearly pink. 

The description claims that it can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, lip color and more. I’m guessing the more is something like body shimmer.  I put some on my hand and it looks like it will be a good eyeshadow color.  I rubbed it into my hand and realized that a little goes a long way so in the future it needs to be dispensed into the cap and then applied to the face. 

My entire hand was a shimmery pink from the product I put on it.  I think that given the way it blended though it might make a pretty good highlight.  I could even see possibly adding a light dust over a darker lipstick or even a clear gloss to add a bit of shimmer. I think this will be fun to play around with and on occasion it is just fun to play around for a bit.

The LAPCOS Pearl Sleeping Cream Spout ($6) is also a full sized item and I am always looking for good sleeping masks.  I’ve never heard of the brand before but it is something I am very excited to try out. 

Finally the last item in my box is a shampoo and conditioner set.   The Pataua shampoo and conditioner set is from Natura.  They are deluxe minis (mini set retail value $6).  I al always happy to try new shampoos and conditioners.  I also love that the set counts as one item and not two (you know I complained about that last month with a different subscription box) and even though these are sample sizes they are large enough that I should be able to get two to three uses from the bottle (depending on how much product is needed per use).

That is enough for me to actually get a feel for the product.  As I wash my hair every other day that gives me about a week’s worth of use.  I don’t mind buying expensive shampoo, but I do want to know how my hair is going to react to it before I spend extra on a luxury shampoo and conditioner set.  In general I am a try before you buy sort of person and with hair products in particular I very much like to see how my hair reacts to the product before I go for a full size, regardless of price.  I just don’t like wasting products.

But I can tell you that nothing that came in this month’s box is going to go to waste.  Everything in this month’s box is one that I will use.  Whether or not I like it enough to purchase it in the full size is up in the air, but I will use every single item that arrived.  And if that weren’t enough on the March Sneak Peek was a reminder about the Annual Easter egg Limited Edition Box.  This year there is the added bonus of a few golden eggs which, if found will gift the lucky winners with a prize from Foreo worth $299. I love Foreo products. I love their original although the Luna Mini sonic cleanser looks amazing and I have to say I have been eyeing their Sonic masks since they came out and trying to figure out how to work one into my budget. So you know I’ll have my fingers crossed that I find a golden egg. Until then I’ll just cyber stalk their website and tweak my budget to add a little more into savings so that someday soon it can be mine.

But march sneak peeks aside, I was very happy with my February Glossy box.  It has a variety of products, all of which I will use, it had three full sized items, and it came in a fun, well designed box that I can reuse.  All of this makes me quite happy to keep my annual subscription for $18 per month. And if you are interested in signing up for Glossy Box, remember you can get your first month for only $16 with the code RETRO.

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