The Daily: February 8th, 2021

Happy Monday my darlings. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We spent the weekend painting the bedroom at our house. Oddly painting wasn’t the largest part of actually painting the room. We had to clear out the furniture, tape the woodwork and make sure the drop cloths protected all of the wooden floor. And of course mixed in was the dusting, because tape won’t stick to dusty wood trim.

So dust was banished and both my baby and I ended up getting a little stuffy and running the air purifier for most of the weekend. And realized that soon we will need to replace our air purifier.

But that is another story.

Three walls are light blue and one is dark blue

Once clean, we painted. I’m pretty certain that if you wanted a workout that concentrated on you shoulders and your upper thighs painting would be it. Yo stretch with the roller, you squat to get the lower part of the wall. You climb the ladder and then stretch to get the upper part of the wall. It was quite the workout.

And of course at the end of it we realized there were a couple of spots where the paint slipped through or around the tape barricade and so we have to do some touch up work. Of course we also found out we didn’t have any paint in the color of our trim so that will have to wait. But our bed frame should be in later this week and the rug to go under the bed has been ordered as well. I went to order the curtains we agreed on and they are now out of stock. So a new selection process will take place soon. And nightstands are an ongoing debate. But slowly the room is taking shape. I am really happy with the way the paint turned out, even it does need some touch ups.

But despite the weekend painting workout, I got up this morning and did my regular work out (The Week 1 Workout that I posted earlier today because I forgot to put it up on Sunday) and because the weather was nice I went on a walk so I managed to get both parts of my workout in today. I’m also sitting pretty good with my calories right now, although I don’t know how long that will last as both my mom and my babydoll’s mom seem intent on sending us boxes of treats. I’m not entirely certain why as they have never sent treats on Valentine’s day before. They have both said it is because we can’t make it home, but we have never gone home for valentine’s day. Thanksgiving and Christmas yea, just not valentine’s day. I think it may be because of all the other accumulated missed holidays adding up. either way we are chock-a-block full of treats. Luckily sweets aren’t usually my big downfall so hopefully I will resist. Still right now, I am on track with calories and workout and I am hoping to stay there.

Challans de Paris

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