Three Steps to a Stress Free Valentine’s Day

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Here are three simple steps you can take to make your Valentine’s day as stress free as possible.


One of the good things about Valentine’s day is that it always arrives on the 14th of every February. There is no guesswork, the date doesn’t change. Knowing this lets you plan your course of action in advance. Do you need to pre order tickets or a special gift? What groceries do you need to buy to make that special meal? Whatever you are doing, planning it out in advance can keep the stress level from rising and you from scrambling to implement last second ideas.

2. Prep Work

When Valentine’s day arrives, you don’t want to wear yourself out getting everything together, remember this is your day to enjoy too. Whether picking up gifts or doing an early load of laundry so you can make the bed with fresh sheets, getting things done in advance is key, no where is it more important than in the meal. If you are cooking at home this Valentine’s day think about make ahead dessert items like chocolate mousse or fruit tarts. Making them the day before means you don’t have to stress about them, you just have to bring them out of the fridge at the appropriate time. You can do the same with much of your prepwork. Take a look at the meal you have planned (if cooking at home) and see what can be done the day before. Then work through as many items as you can early so on Valentine’s day all you have to do is assemble and create the finished product. The same approach goes with many other items from picking up a special outfit from the dry cleaners to cleaning out your car. Do what you can do early so on Valentine’s day it isn’t one of the elements you feel rushed to get ready.

3. Perfection

Many of us go into Valentine’s day thinking that everything must be absolutely perfect. If your hair isn’t fixed just so the day will be a disaster, if there is a grain too much or too little salt on the potatoes everything is ruined, if traffic makes us late for our reservation the sky is falling, if it is raining then even the fates have turned against us.

It can be overwhelming. So take a deep breath and let it go.

The perfection of the day is spending it with someone you love and doing something special to mark the occasion and celebrate your love. Yes you want everything to go well and be as perfect as possible, but sometimes life just isn’t like that. So what if you accidentally splash a little sauce on the table cloth? Is it the end of the world? No. Will your beloved think you don’t love him anymore if the decoration on the top of your tarte is not ready to be on the cover of Bon Appetit Magazine? I doubt it. And no matter how in control and on point you are, you can’t control everything. The weather will be what it is going to be, as will traffic and a host of other things you just can’t control. You can try for perfection, but just remember that sometimes things happen. It doesn’t make your love any less and it doesn’t make anyone love you any less.

Remember always that Valentine’s day is a celebration of love. Whether that love is for someone else, yourself or a combination of the two, you deserve to enjoy the day and let go of the stress.

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