Trying out the Expert Procrastinator Anti Frizz Hair mask from The Mane Club

As many of you may recall from previous posts, I tend to treat my hair to a mask once a week (usually on Saturdays).  Recently Mane Club sent over a lovely package with their One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 spray (which I adore) and several of their masks for me to try. 

I’ll admit, I knew very little about the brand before they gifted me items to try so I looked into them as well as their items.   The brand is a relatively new one, started in 2019, which made me feel better about not recognizing them immediately.  It also makes me glad that I didn’t spend a lifetime not knowing about the One Hit Wonder spray. That would just have been too sad.  I can live with a few years though.

The brand is located in NYC and all of their products are vegan and cruelty free.  They are also what the brand calls junk free, which means they contain no sulfates, parabens and phthalates. I know, that list is often tagged on products these days but a simple break down is this:

Sulfates: can strip hair dawn making it dry and brittle, can also cause irritation in the skin like redness dryness and itching.

Parabens: Can cause dryness and itching of the scalp, hair loss and the fading of your color.

Phthalates: Can cause reproductive issues, increase the risk for breast and lung cancer and can cause or worsen asthma (among a long list of other possible dangers.)

While that is just a simple synopsis there are hundreds of articles and research papers out there by much more scientifically minded folks than me and if interested I would highly recommend checking some of them out.  But what it basically boils down to is that Having products with none of those three ingredients isn’t just some marketing ploy, it is actually really good to see that they are eliminated from the list.

You know what else is good? The fact that all of their hair care products are offered for less than $10. (technically their t-shirts are more than ten dollars, but all of their hair care products are under $10.  Yup that One Hit Wonder spray I love and keep raving about – even in a post about a hair mask – is only $8. I don’t mind paying extra for good hair care products, but I also don’t think it is a necessity.  If I can stock my hair care with affordable products that work fantastically well, then I am all in.

This Expert Procrastinator is the second mask I have tried from the brand.  The first one I tried was the Cry Baby repairing mask (retail $3) and I really enjoyed it.  There were a few things I noticed when I used it that I will be applying to the Expert Procrastinator as well. The first this is that Like Cry Baby, Expert Procrastinator comes in a tear open pouch.  While these pouches are super easy to tear open, even with wet hands, there is enough product in each pouch to give you three masking experiences.

Yes I procrastinated taking the tape label off of the reused jar. I have since replaced it.

What I like to do is take an empty jar and empty the pouch into it before I apply the mask.  This way all of the product is secure, I don’t add too much to my hair thinking that I need to use up the pouch in one sitting and in generally it just makes everything work a lot more easily.  I generally keep old glass moisturizer jars to reuse.  Often they end up getting used in my greenhouse, but they are excellent for use here.  By design most moisturizer jars keep product out of the sunlight and air so I know the mask will be safe.

For the Cry baby mask I ended up using the Volition Celery Green Moisturizer jar (excellent moisturizer by the way).  It is also the perfect size for the mask.  And as last week I finished the last of the Cry baby mask, it is freshly washed and ready to use for the Expert Procrastinator.  I just have to take my masking tape label off of it and put on a different masking tape label. Labels are key to not confusing yourself with the products. It is amazing how helpful masking tape and a sharpie can be.

But while I squeeze the mask into a new jar readying it for use, let’s look at what to expect from the Expert Procrastinator (other than expert procrastinating).

Hey babe, we all deserve a lazy day. Just relax and we’ll do the work for you with this frizz control hair mask.


• Smooths Frizz

• Hydrates

• Deeply Conditions 


DIRECTIONS: Apply this goop to clean, wet hair, leave on for up to 5 minutes and rinse. Each package contains 2-3 uses.

the mask in the jar is enough for three sessions

I love that it has a simple list of what it does.  This mask isn’t trying to do everything.  It is focused and I like that.  My hair often has different issues depending on the time of year and what horrors I have inflicted upon it in the recent past. Because of this I generally like to keep an array of hair masks (a masking library of sorts, that I can consult each week when I choose that week’s mask.  Do I feel like I have dry shampoo build up on the scalp?  Well, I have a mask for that.  Has my hair spent more time with the flat iron than usual due to an overwhelming number of meetings?  Well I have a mask for that too.

This week frizz control and deep conditioning sound like just the thing for my hair, which is why I chose this particular mask from the selection in the drawer.

The process of applying a hair mask is very simple.  You can do it in the shower or not.  I tend to like the outside the shower method.  I use a spray bottle  (picked up at Target for a dollar or so, I can’t remember the exact price as I’ve been using the same one for about 5 years at this point) to damp my hair, apply the mask, use a clip to secure the mask covered hair to the top of my head and then leave it sit for five minutes before jumping in the shower to rinse it out. 

I like this method because I don’t feel rushed.  I don’t hae to stand around in the shower, peeping out through the shower curtain to see if the timer is about to go off.  I also don’t have to risk soaking my timer from the shower.  I can apply the mask, gather my clean clothes for the shower and get everything ready.  By the time I’m ready for my shower, the five minutes have passed and I am ready to rinse the mask out continue with the rest of my shower.  I also generally apply a face mask while my hair mask is in.  I tend to avoid clay masks when I do this and stick to the more gel like masks.  Today I’m going with the Vichy Mineral Masque which is one of my favorites. Since I only have five minutes I apply a very thin layer and most of it is well absorbed before I get into the shower.

So this is what I did with the Expert Procrastinator mask. And how was the experience you ask?

Well, first off the scent is delightfully pear.  And yes the mask does say Pear scented, but I quite frankly didn’t think to look until I was applying it.  Personally I love the scent.  The pear is lightly sweet, not like sugar was added to the scent but more like the sweet scent you get when a pear is warm and ripe and just perfect to pull from the tree and eat. (we had a pear tree when I was a kid.)  It is a fantastic scent and I wish more products had the scent in it. 

The hair – no frizz, smooth soft and fabulously conditioned, although my bangs really need a trim.

The scent fades almost as soon as the mask is applied though, so it is a temporary delight.  It returns a little bit once you start rinsing it out in the shower and when dry if I press my hair to my nose I can smell a faint whiff of pears.  It is light and you really have to search to find it, so if you are bothered by lingering scents in your hair, this is not going to cause you any trouble.

In the shower it rinsed out well and even wet my hair felt that softness of conditioning.  But the proof is in the hair later.

So I finished my shower, toweled off and dressed and then went to my hair dryer.  I recently picked up the Revlon Laser Brilliance Shine Hair Dryer and I have to say I am really enjoying it.  I planned to do a bunch of research and but the fact is that while I don’t mind air drying my hair in the summer in the winter I just hair having the wet hair on my neck any longer than I have to. It just takes a really long time to dry on its own. This was the dryer Target had in stock so I figured it would do for now.  I really like it thus far. I think it was around $29 at Target and comes with both smoothing and volumizing attachments, in case anyone is looking for a decent affordable hair dryer.

And so how did the Expert Procrastinator do?


For this test I didn’t use any kind of other post shower product, I just blow dried my hair about 90% dry and combed it out while I did. Then I let it dry the rest of the way on its own.  While I will use a heat protecting spray in future uses (as I still have two masks worth of product sealed away in my jar) I had no issues with tangling and my hair came out soft and well-conditioned.  There is no frizz even though the heater is on in the house and I can feel the dryness of the air around me. And while my hair felt fantastic on the day I did use the mask it also felt really nice on the following day as well. 

This is definitely a mask I will be reordering and keeping in my arsenal.  I already put Cry Baby on the list to order and I will now be adding the Expert Procrastinator as well. I still have one more mask that The Mane Club sent for me to try out and that is the Cha Ching Moisturizing Hair mask (with a cherry Scent) and in addition I received the Mane Club’s Bad Attitude Volumizing hair mask that I received in a Glossy Box Mystery box to try out before I place my order. The Bad Attitude is listed as having a sweet and spicy scent so I am actually really looking forward to seeing what that scent is like. 

And no it isn’t just the scent I am curious about. I am curious about the volumizing aspect as well since sometimes volumizing products work well in my hair and sometimes they don’t.  Thus far everything I have tried from The Mane Club has worked well.  I’ve tested three items (the One Hit Wonder and two masks) and all three have made it onto my reorder list.  As all of their masks are $3 ordering a bunch of them to keep on hand is no hardship.  The trick is waiting until I’ve tried the ones I have so I know what I want to order.  I suspect that when I do order my favorites I am going to end up ordering several of their other products just to try.  With each product offered for under $10 how can I resist?

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