The Daily: February 9th, 2021

Today is another bright and sunny day and I have to say the temperatures aren’t that bad either. All of which means I actually got my walk in and I didn’t arrive home feeling like my ears were frozen and likely to snap off my head with the slightest tap. All in all not to bad for me.

I managed to get in my walk and I had a bowl of Shin Ramen for lunch. I tend to use the shin ramen ad a once in a blue moon treat because of the very high sodium content and because when you actually look at the package, one container of ramen is actually two servings. That always irritates me. When you make packaged ramen you ae clearly going to make the package of ramen. I can sort of see breaking the disk of noodles in half, but the packets of dried veg and soup base aren’t split in two. And it isn’t like you can make it, eat half and store the rest for later.

I know they do it so that if you just glance at the label it looks less caloric and more nutritious, but it is one of those label issues that really annoys me.

So I only eat them once in a while. Partially because of the annoyance and partially because of the extra calories. It is more calories then I generally like at lunch. but today I am going to have a late and light dinner. I have a bunch of calls, a couple of which aren’t in my timezone so today is going to be a little off schedule for me. It’s why I’m posting this daily post a little early today. So the heavier lunch will have to carry me through. between it and the bottle of Soda Stream Water I have on my desk, I’m hoping to avoid snacking.

For me that is the real danger of the late dinner. Snacking to make up for the lateness. I figured if I went a little heavier at lunch time I could avoid the snacks and if I go with a light dinner possibly avoid the I ate too much too late belly ache. Well it’ isn’t so much a belly ache but I don’t ever sleep well on a full belly so tonight’s dinner is a light salad. Hopefully it will balance out in the end.

So this morning there was a walk but no workout. Tomorrow I have both a walk and a workout scheduled. If I sty on track with the workouts, I am pretty sure I can get my calories back on track as well. I just need to avoid the box of homemade goodies no sitting in the living room and I will be good to go.

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