The Daily: February 15th, 2021

Have you ever done something before you thought it through and then as soon as you did it, realize it was kind of dumb? This morning I posted about my February Look Fantastic box. On Friday, when it arrived I realized that I wanted to sign up for an annual subscription instead of a Month to Month one. It is $16 instead of $19 so I save a few dollars and it is a box that I’m going to keep around, so i don’t mind signing up for a year.

when I went onto the Look Fantastic site and went to my account I couldn’t find any way to switch from one to the other so I sent a message to their customer service. They very quickly got back to me. Apparently you can’t just switch, you have to cancel your subscription and then sign up for the anual one. In case you are looking at the same thing.

Which I did.

And then I realized that by doing so right away I would be getting a second February box.

I don’t mind as it was a really good box and I actually am pretty pleased about getting a second box of those reusable rounds. I tried them out and really like them so an extra set is helpful. I just feel kind of dumb for not realizing it. So if you are thinking of switching from a month to month to an annual, you might want to keep that in mind. Also if you are interested, the February Look Fantastic Box is clearly still available.

See you can learn from my mistake.

Although I have to say if there was one box I was going to get two of, this is kind of the one I would want. Maybe I could pretend it was intentional? Yeah, intentional. So lets just keep this between ourselves okay?


As today is a holiday (president’s day) my babydoll is home. He ran out and got lunch which was absolutely delightful. And he was so very proud that he managed to remember my favorite sandwich from the shop even though we haven’t been there in over a year. It completely blew my calorie count out of the water, but I couldn’t be mad. The idea was sweet and the food fantastic. I’m having a light dinner tonight to try and balance the scales a little bit and have my fingers crossed that the flood waters will drain out of the park and I will be able to walk later on. I managed to do my exercises this morning which was nice but that is more toning than calorie burning so again I am hoping the flood waters recede. They have been going down today though since the rain stopped yesterday. Tomorrow might be a two walk day to make up for the lack of walk earlier. Otherwise it is a pretty quiet day here. I hope everyone out there is having a good day as well.

For those looking for a good deal, from now until February 21st All Beauty is having a sale on Kerastase products. You can get up to 35% off. Personally I am a big fan of their Genesis line. The repair serum is absolutely amazing. It is kind of pricy but you only use a little bit and it lasts a really long time.

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