The Daily: February 16th, 2021

I think this week’s exercise plan may need a reevaluation. While the rain dried up over night and I was able to actually get a morning walk in, about the time I returned from my morning walk, it started snowing. Since then it has alternated between ran and snow and according to the current weather map, it looks like that is going to be the fate of the rest of the week. If it was just now, it wouldn’t be as big an issue, at least not until it melted. With the temperature riding that fine line between snow and rain, it means the park will no doubt return to flooding stages and be unwalkable.

While I will keep an eye on the weather in an attempt to get my walks in, I’m thinking that might not be much of an option this week. So while I will keep one eye on the window, I might end up breaking out some old workout videos this week. I have a bunch of DVDs in the cabinet and if nothing else this might give me a chance to see which ones I want to keep and which ones I will never be doing again. I’ll be looking through those tonight and at least pick one for tomorrow in case the weather forecast is accurate and rain/snow continues.

Other than that, the calories have once again been corralled. So hopefully everything will balance in the end.

On the life in general side, the rug we ordered for the bedroom as well as the bed fram have finally arrived. we set them up yesterday and while the bedframe is lower than our old on, it is really nice to have the main pieces in place. We still have night stands, curtains and decorative items like artwork and candles to put in place as well as moving my hope chest to the end of the bed, but those are smaller things. while the smaller things do bring the room together, putting them in rarely leaves you exhausted.

So we are continuing to check items off the checklist. The walls are painted, the rug is in, the bed farms is in (although because of the comforter you can’t really see much of it, and yes I will be removing the tag.) The pillows on the bed are in the shams that came with the coverlet mostly because we needed to put the pillows in something. during the decorative phase that will change and it won’t be so matchy matchy. But the room is coming along. Once my hope chest is in place at the foot of the bed I can start setting out candles and things as well so I am quite pleased. It is a bright spot in a somewhat over cast and gray day. And it is one room edging closer and closer to completion. The progress is slow and steady, but I am working my way through the house. And quite frankly, I really like thinking about one room at a time.

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