The Daily: February 18th, 2021

Wow, I would not have thought taking most of a single day away from the computer would affect so much. It’s kind of bizarre actually. While I take a few calls and have scheduled conference calls, I generally kind of work on my own, so I mostly think of my schedule in terms of deadlines and arranged meetings, with everything else being flexible, but apparently several people are used to me answering e-mails fairly quickly and sort of flipped out when I didn’t.

My babydoll’s car troubles inadvertently caused a panic.

I think I spent half of my morning today convincing people the sky was not in fact falling. They didn’t actually need anything from me, but apparently the fact that I didn’t respond as quickly as usual was cause for alarm. Although one person sent me something they thought I might find funny and then when i didn’t respond right away, they mentally re-evaluated what they sent me and thought I might be offended.

It was a cat meme involving a grumpy cat missing coffee. Not the most unique thing, but not offensive.

He then sent three e-mail apologies. Three. One because he thought I might be insulted by his mocking of my love of morning coffee (which he apparently shares), two because he thought I might not like cats in general, and three because he thought that I might either think he was some sort of sexist for thinking all women might like cats or because I might somehow think it was some sort of innuendo.

The third apology e-mail was sort of odd and more proof that he spent way too much time thinking about it.

So note to self, next time I am going to be away from my e-mail for a significant amount of time I need to put an away from my desk e-mail together so that no one feels abandoned. Or tries to wrack their brains for reasons I might possibly be offended. All is well now. Assurances have been given.The world has once again righted itself.

And I am even more behind on my to do list than I was when i started the day. I think it actually grew when i wasn’t looking. So even though i had planned to start in on my Wii Fit program today, that plan has been set aside to begin tomorrow afternoon, assuming I am actually caught up before the weekend hits.If not, then Saturday morning it is. For now, it is a fresh tank of air in the Soda Stream to make certain my water is fresh and bubbly and an eagle eye on my calories as i jump back into my to do list. Happy Thursday!

SodaStream USA, inc

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