Korres and the Friday Face mask

Have you ever tried a face mask and thought, that’s okay but nothing super fabulous, but then later you try it again and and are blown away by how fabulous it really is?

For me this is the Korres Hydra-Biome Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask.  I tried it and it was a good mask but not one I would reach for consistently.  Then I saw it and said to myself ‘Self, you really need to use that and not let it go to waste since it is open.’

Sometimes I yell at myself for things like that.  Especially with face masks.  I really love trying new face masks and so sometimes I have to reign myself in and use the ones that are already open before moving on. I have had some very stern talks with myself on the subject.

And when I tried the mask on, I found I loved it.

Now truthfully, the mask didn’t change.  A masking fairy didn’t fly into my skin care drawer wave a magic wand and poof suddenly it was an entirely different mask.

Although seriously how cool would it be to have a face mask fairy?

I bet she would smell of cucumbers and pomegranates.

But I digress.

The Hydra Biome mask.

the mask in the jar

The thing that changed, was the season.  When I first tried this mask, I tried it in the summer time.  I remember it being cooling and refreshing and good, but not something I wanted to reach for repeatedly. Then winter came.  The air dried out and so did my skin.  I stopped sweating outside and wasn’t nearly a oily as I am in summer months.  This is when I tried the mask again and oh my darlings did I love it. This is now one of my favorite winter pick me ups.  It is still cool and refreshing, but now my skin drinks in the moisture and my skin feels healthier because of it.  I know it probably did all of those wonderful things for my skin in the summer time, but I think then the product was too moisturizing for me to really appreciate it.  Now that my skin is craving extra moisture, this mask really shines.

I applied it today and really loved it.  Last week I used the quick and easy (and beloved by me) Milk Hydrating Clay mask and earlier in the week I used the herbal essences Herbal Dynamics Beauty Cacao and Chamomile clearing mask on my few problem areas so today I had no clogged pores to address.  I just needed moisture and soothing and that is exactly what this mask provided.

I popped it onto my face using my masking brush.  This is one of those masks where the silicone spatula brushes really shine regardless of which one you use.  It lets you neatly apply the product without dipping your fingers in the jar, but also lets you use less product.

The mask after fifteen minutes

Once applied I lay down and put on my music while it soaked into my skin.  I went with the Pogues  today as they suited my mood, and I thought of skin care fairies.I know, I wish I could claim deep thoughts, but my thoughts were kind of shallow.  I went with my Poe Candles from the Library collection from Paddywax as my accompaniment.  It is sweet and spicy with a hint of musk and quite frankly I really like it.  I picked up the small candles (the $12 ones) because I really like the little tin box, but quite frankly I really should have gone for the larger amber glass ones as I like them so much.  The tin I’ve got is almost empty.  There is just something so appealing about those little boxes though.

The candle worked well with the music.  The slight yogurt scent of the mask luckily faded into the background.  As much as I love the mask, I’m not a huge fan of the yogurt scent of it. It doesn’t bother me as much in the winter as it did in the summer though.  I think in the summer I kept thinking dairy in the heat and wasn’t happy with it.  In the winter there is no heat so the dairy scent doesn’t concern me.  I know that is very silly, but my sense of smell is always getting me into trouble.

At the end of the fifteen minutes I blew out the candles, turned off the music and dismissed thoughts of skin care fairies. Most of the mask sunk into my skin and the rest wiped off easily with a damp washcloth.  My skin now feels refreshed and clean as well as very moisturized without feeling greasy.  I may have been on the fence about the Korres Hydra Bioma Probiotic Face Mask in the summer, but in the winter, with my skin, this mask shines.

Greek Yoghurt Probiotic SuperDose Face Mask

A probiotic face mask with real Greek yoghurt that rehydrates, reduces redness, and reb… [More]

Price: $49.00

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