Oh so Shiny…

Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray

A while ago Color Wow gifted me with several of their best selling products.  I am loving their Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner and their Dream Coat Humidity controlling spray.  Although I have to confess that as much as I like those products, the coconut infused  Dream Cocktail is now one of my favorite hair care products.

I know, something with coconut in the name is one of my faves.  Who knew? But it just leaves my hair feeling so silky soft (and the coconut scent isn’t strong at all). I think because I enjoyed it so much, I put off testing out the last product in the box because I knew I’d have to set it aside in order to use it. But set it aside I did.

And now we come to the final product that was included in the package they sent to me for review. It is the Extra Mist-ical Shine spray. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used a shine spray before.  In fact, until this arrived I didn’t know shine spray was a thing. So I had to look it up.  It is, as one would expect, a spray designed to make your hair look shiny and glossy. According to the Color Wow Website…

The Best-selling Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray makes every style look sparkling and healthy ⁠— like diamonds in a can

Breakthrough, light-weight flower-powered shine spray, Even dehydrated hair looks glossy and healthy, Non-greasy, non-drying, Won’t weigh down or flatten your style, No parabens, no sulfates, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan

This is for everyone who wants super glossy, healthy looking hair. Add brilliant shine to dull, dry, dehydrated hair. Give new life to over-processed or damaged hair. Perfect shine spray for color-treated hair. Give a glossy healthy boost to drab, matte blonde, make grey hair sparkle, light up brown hair with rich, dimensional radiance. Great for curly and textured hair. Makes highlights pop.

After styling, apply a light all over misting for instant, intense gloss. For deep rich luminosity, hit it with a blow dry to infuse radiance into every strand.

Color Wow

Well that does sound like something I’d like. Shiny glossy hair. So I set aside my Dream Cocktail, took out the Shine Spray and began my testing.

Like all Color Wow Products this Shine Spray is sulfate and paraben free which just makes my little heart sing. I know I have said it before but both parabens and sulfates are so bad for you.At the least those products will lead you down the path to brittle hair and possible hair loss. At the worst, you are looking at skin irritations and increased susceptibility to certain kinds of cancers. So parabens and sulfates are really just best to avoid in your products whenever possible.

To use, I washed my hair so everything was clean and looking nice in general. I didn’t use any post shower products. Since a blow dryer is suggested, but not required I didn’t use the hair dryer the first time I used the shine spray and then the next time I used it I did use the hair dryer. To be honest, I didn’t see all that much difference between the two in immediate appearance.

What I generally found was that If I sprayed a little heat protectant in my hair (only a smidge) and then dried my hair almost all the way and then added a light coat of the shine spray, then finished drying my hair, the shine seemed to set a little better and last a little longer. The last blast of heat sort of locked it into place.

The scent of the Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray is very much the scent of the salon. It is a someone is getting a hair treatment scent.  I like it and it makes me feel like I’ve turned my bathroom into a salon, but be aware it is a potent scent. You will smell it. It does however fade to nothing once it is in your hair. The scent is super strong when you spray it and tends to linger in the air, but does not really transfer to your hair. So you may be surrounded with it during application, but you won’t be smelling it every time you turn your head. Also, it is a aerosol can and when you spray it, it comes out in a super fine mist.  Which is nice for the hair and allows even application. 

Just dried with the shine spray (no post styling as I didn’t want other products interfering) I love the way the light catches.

You will want a well ventilated space though. It is not so nice to breathe in.  The first time I used this I was in the small powder room where I generally get ready.  I had the door closed and that was a big mistake.  Ventilation is your friend. At the very least, leave the door open. The scent is nice but it doesn’t taste nice when you accidentally breathe it in.

So you know what is also your friend?


A little spray of this makes your hair shiny and glossy. Too much and your hair can look a little wet. It was actually a strange optical illusion. I wanted to see how much was too much so one day I kind of went bonkers with the spray, just to see. My hair felt dry to the touch but looked wet. It was still oddly light, not dried out and not greasy to the touch. But my hair was so shiny it looked wet.

I found that for me the proper application was the long over head arc. I took the can in my right hand, bowed my head with my hair down my back and then moved my right hand as far left as I could. Then I brought my hand back to the right over my head while spraying until I made an arc of product. It was just enough product for me. Which quite frankly wa not a lot of product. Which means this can will last quite some time.

Close up

It also isn’t an every day product. I found that if I essentially set the product with the hair dryer after my shower than I didn’t need to use it again until after my next hair wash. I wash my hair every other day and it lasted on the days between without feeling greasy or heavy. On the days between when my workout had been rather sweaty, I did rinse my hair and then dry it again and the shine was dimmed, but still returned.

Personally, I really liked the depth it gave my hair. It made me feel like it trapped light inside the strands and I received several compliments on how nice my hair was looking while I used this Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray. I think it is definitely something I will be keeping around for that final touch before going out. I just need to remember to spray it in a well ventilated space and to use a bit of moderation in my application.

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