Balance Me for Face Mask Friday

Balance Me AHA Glow Mask

Today my darlings we are going for another Balance Me Product for Face mask Friday.  This brand.  Oh this brand.  At this point I have tried a multitude of their products.  And here are the two basic truths. 

They work really well.

I can’t get past the scent.


I tried the Vitamin C serum.  It worked really well. The formula was excellent on the skin.

It also smelled exactly like Lemon Scented Pledge.

I tried their Bakuchiol Serum. (Bakuchiol is like retinol but doesn’t give you the same sensitivity to sunlight.) I loved the way it worked on my skin and even in a small sample tube I saw some decent results.

It smelled like high end floor cleaner. The floral kind.

For me this is the curse of Balance Me products.  My nose gets me every time. I was however excited to see this in one of my subscription boxes though, because it is a mask. And I know I love masks.  I love them in all shapes and sizes.  Even if there are some I won’t try more than once, I will try most of them at least once. 

Oh speaking of masks, Facetory is having a massive Spring Sale.  I’ll put the link below but if you are looking to stock up, now is the time to hit them up.  Fabulous products and while they are usually affordable anyway, the sale just makes them super fabulous. I highly recommend checking them out. I use the four-ever fresh mask subscription but they also sell individual skin care products (not just masks).

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

But back to the AHA Glo Mask from Balance Me.  Why was I so excited to get a mask from them? Because masks aren’t worn every day. The thing with the other two products I mentioned is that they have to be used on a consistent daily basis to achieve results.  I knew that no matter how good they were the scent would still make using them a chore and I would seek out other products. At this point in my life I know this about myself.  I’ve tried to use good products whose scent I just don’t like and it just doesn’t work out, no matter how much I tell myself that this time will be different. There are just so many other products to choose from.

With a mask I am hoping that it works as well as all the other Balance me Products but that even if I am not as fond of the scent as I might be, it will be okay because it isn’t an everyday use product.

So are you ready?

Then it is masking time?! (and yes the theme song that I am now singing is oddly  enough based on the Adam West Era Batman song. Sing it with me…da na na na na na na na Mask Time!)

Okay now that we are all on the same page it is time to dispense the mask. It is white.  It is creamy and while it does have a citrusy scent that leans towards lemon and an underlying tone that makes me think floor cleaner, it is actually not bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking it up in a body butter scent, but it is a lot less strong than any of their other products have been. 

Oh my darlings, could this be the Balance Me product I enjoy?

Let’s apply and see.

I applied it to the face in a thin layer. The scent is a little stronger when applied but it still isn’t too bad.  The timer is set for fifteen minutes and While normally I lie down and relax, een if my thoughts aren’t as zen like as are usually encouraged, today I have several e-mail I need to type up so I will unfortunately be sitting at my desk.


But if you are missing your candles I suggest bouncing on over to Paddywax.  The last of their holiday scents (I adore the spicier candles and stock up on pre spring sales each year) are now all listed on their sale page AND they just released a line of incense called HAZE if that is more your thing than candles. I tend to lean more towards candles, but some of the incense scents are quite tempting.

Okay everyone back from the Paddywax site?  Excellent.  I finished my emails and the timer has dinged so off to the bathroom I go.

Much of the mask has absorbed which is usually a good sign.  According to the Balance me website …

After fifteen minutes

Restore radiance with our triple-action chemical exfoliation. Packed with a bio-active blend of fruit acids including glycolic, lactic and malic for maximum efficacy, our face mask will brighten, deeply purify, plump, and reveal a natural, more youthful, luminous glow in less than 15 minutes. To boost the formulation, we’ve blended with Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier to lock in hydration and combat potential irritants.

RESULTS: Brightens, plumps and deeply purifies. Expect a natural, more youthful complexion.

Here are my before and afters.

makeup newly removed on the left, mask freshly taken off on the right (the red is partially because the water was really cold)

I have to say it was easy to wash off and quite enjoyable to wear.  I would say my skin looks a little brighter.  Most skin care requires repeated use for differences to be obvious.  While I don’t think my sample size will give me repeated use results, I do have enough in the tube for about two more applications.  I think what I may do is try this out on Monday and Wednesday for my masking and see if there is any greater difference.  I don’t think I’ll see major differences with such a short trial length, but there might be a few more details I can find out.  The detail I am most interested to see is if I am relieved that the tube is used up or wishing there was more in it.  Balance me is a relatively affordable brand.   A full sized 50 Ml tube is $29 (although it is only $21.95 on the Allbeauty site – I love their everyday discounts).

Which means that if the scent doesn’t get to me and I see some slight results, this may be the first Balance Me Sample I’ve tried that I am willing to put on my try in the full size list.  And honestly because I so liked the effects of the other products and couldn’t take the scent, I suspect that if the scent doesn’t make me want to avoid this by the end of the product then I may just give the full size a more complete try to make up for my noses rejection of the others. But that is something I’ll have to get back to you on.  For now, this AHA Glow Mask from Balance Me is a definite maybe.

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