Macy’s February 2021 Beauty Box Unboxing

The card, the bag and the pink tissue roll of goodies for the February 2021 Macy’s Beauty Box

I know it is March, but my February Beauty Box from Macy’s finally arrived.  It is however not the last of the subscriptions to arrive as I am still waiting for Petit Vour and EarFleek to arrive.So even though February has departed, we have a few late arrivals to cover.

Macy’s Beauty box is a $15 per month subscription and in the subscription box you are supposed to receive five deluxe Sample size items and I believe you are supposed to get a bag of some sort each month as well. In December the bag was replaced by a set of plastic travel sized containers (which was actually pretty nice) and in January since it was a hair care themed beauty line up they replaced the bag with a mini flat iron. As I already have a mini flat iron I passed it to my mom and she is absolutely loving it. It was kind of an amazing thing to get in a $15 Beauty Bag.

The Canvas Bag

This month the canvas draw string bag is a little less exciting, but to be fair it is a really sturdy and well-made canvas bag.  It actually put Ipsy’s Glam Bag Plus draw string bags to shame and that is a $25 beauty bag.

But the bag is really just a little something extra. 

This month’s bag celebrates ‘skin-gredients’ and features items  ‘Grounded in skin loving ingredients from mother nature. So let’s see what was inside.

The first item is the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. (currently Lovely Skin has this Mask on sale for 20% off if you follow the link it will take you there. I’m not sure how long the sale will last but I am always excited to see Elemis on sale so I thought I’d share).  You know I love the brand Elemis.  Every product I have tried from them has done amazing things for my skin.  And actually this Papaya Enzyme peel was in my Look Fantastic Box this month as well.  In addition, that was the box I received two of due to my own miscalculations and so I now have three of these trial sized tubes.  The three of them may be enough product to do a full skin care review. Regardless of future reviews, I am always happy to see Elemis in any beauty bag.

Do you know what I am also happy to see? Caudalie.  The Vino Perfect Radiance serum was in this bag and I am never upset about seeing it.  I’ve tied it before and really liked it.  I have a couple of other Caudalie serums and really enjoy them.  At the moment the Beauty Elixir is in my skin care line up and I have to say it has been a great edition to the skin care shelf.  

Next up is the First Aid Beauty Ultra repair cream.  I have a love/hate relationship with First Aid Beauty.  Well actually it isn’t a love/ hate relationship it’s more of a love/meh relationship.  The products I like from them I really really love and the products I don’t like aren’t bad they are just meh.I tried a tiny sample of this cream before (it lasted two weeks) and I ended up putting it on my to be purchased in the full size list.  This tube is packed full and I am very happy to have this appear in my beauty bag this month. 

The next item in the February Beauty Bag is from Perricone MD.  It is the soothing and hydrating eye cream. To be honest the only thing I have ever tried from Perricone has been the no makeup makeup lipstick.  It was an excellent product and one I reordered once it ran out.  I look forward to trying the eye cream.  The eye cream I am currently working with isn’t really making me happy, so it is nice to have another one in the wings.

I’ll admit I have only heard of Sundari before and never actually tried any of their products.  I am also not entirely certain how to use an eye oil, but I now have the Sundari Chamomile Eye oil in my collection.  According to the little pamphlet it is suppose to smooth skin and combat fine lines.  My guess is that you either use it in place of a n eye cream or to boost your current eye cream. I will be looking at more information before I open it and if it is an eye cream booster I may be putting it to work soon. 

The final item in my bag this month is a perfume sample from the brand Clean it is the Galbanum and Rain Fragrance.  I’m not entirely certain what a Galbanum is so I will have to look that up before I give it a week’s trial.  Right now I am testing a group of Perfumes from Kierin NYC Perfumes, but this will definitely go into the lineup of perfumes to be sampled in my never ending quest to build a scent library.

All in all I have to say I am very pleased by the selections in the February Macy’s Beauty Box.  I wish it didn’t have to spend so much time hanging out in a Georgia Post office, but I am glad it is here now.  I received two items from brands I adore (Elemis and Caudalie) One cream that I know I like, two skin care items I have never tried and am looking forward to giving a go and a new perfume to try out. This was an excellent $15 bag. And I can’t wait to see what turns up in March’s Beauty bag.

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