The Daily: March 1st, 2021

I have to admit, I am feeling pretty smug today. I got up on time, despite tossing and turning for much of the night (I ran out of my Hum Sleep Gummies (officially called Mighty Zzzz)and forgot to reorder. (okay so I don’t feel very smug about that.I knew I was getting low and ignored my post-it note reminder. The container was empty last night and I put in a new order this morning)

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So I got up and did my short list of morning exercises. I think the short list is really starting to become habit. Soon enough it will be routine and feel easy, then I will increase it, I can feel the habit building. I started for my coffee pot first thing and then stopped myself half way there and went into the sun room to do my exercises first. I’m actually quite proud of that.

The smugness however comes from the fact that it is pouring down buckets of rain today. It was raining when i got up and it is still raining now. It is also likely to continue raining throughout the week. The park and walking trail are already flooded so walking is out, but I have new batteries in my Wii board and managed to do 30 minutes of Wii Fit in place of my walk. The last time I tried to use the Wii fit in place of walking, the batteries were dead and I spent my workout time scrambling to find replacements and finally going to the store.

But not today. Today the batteries were fresh so I just had to turn it on and go. Victory was mine!

Or at least an actual workout in the time I had allotted for it. And yes I know I got the batteries because it was supposed to rain last week. But I am still standing by my smug feeling.

So I got my work out in and thus far my calories are on point.

Also because my latest eye cream has been giving me some clogged pores (at least I’m pretty sure that is the culprit as it is just under my eyes where I normally put the eye cream that is currently clogged) I have two stripes of the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Mask on under my eyes. It looks kind of like I used mud in place of eye gel masks. However I know it will bring those pesky clogged pores to the surface so they can be cleared away. And it is super easy to wear at the desk while I work. I had to set a timer so I didn’t forget.

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The rest of my face is doing pretty well skin wise actually, which is why I only used the mask under the eyes. It is also why I think the eye cream might be to blame. I think I might leave it off for a few days and see if the bumps return or if they stay gone. I’m actually three and a half weeks into the trial for this eye cream and thus far the only change I’ve noticed has been the increased clogged pores, so it might be time to call the trial anyway. But that is for another post. For now, my Herbal Dynamics Beauty is taking care of it. Tonight I’ll think about the eye cream.

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