Ear Fleek Unboxing February 2021

Ear Fleek is easily the least expensive subscription I currently have and despite that (or maybe because of it) it is also one of the ones I enjoy the most. I think I initially found it poking around on CrateJoy when I was looking for something new to try out. While there is a more expensive tier in the Ear Fleek Subscription, I have the basic $3.49 per month subscription.  For this I receive one pair of earrings that are nickel free.  There are different categories to suit different tastes. 

Currently I am in the minimalist category.  While I do like some of the earrings in the other categories (groovy boho, fun and flirty or even I don’t give a hoot which mixes the categories up), I find that the earrings in the minimalist category are usually small enough that they don’t cause any problems when putting on or taking off masks. They don’t generally get caught in the mask strings and tug.  I know a simple reason for choosing earrings, but it sort of matters at the moment. As I tend to have a lot of dangling earrings, I do not have a lot of earrings in this category.  As I wear a mask every time I leave the house, the ‘mask friendly earring category is the one that I am wearing more often than not these days, so this subscription is currently helping me to add to it. 

The earrings arrive in a paper mailer with a graphic comic book design on it.  Inside is a smaller bubble mailer to keep the earrings safe.  I have never had a problem with earrings arriving damaged. Everything has always arrived in good condition.

This month’s set of earrings had a retail value of $15.99.  They are small silver circles with a bar through them that look more or less like the symbol for the London Underground. They are nice little geometric studs that I will enjoy wearing.  It isn’t the most spectacular design, but it is nice and it is one that I kind of like. It is definitely worth more than the $3.49 I paid for it and I am happy to have them in my collection.

I think that because this subscription is so inexpensive, I am more inclined to just go with the flow where the earrings are concerned.  If I like them I’ll keep them and wear them.  If I don’t then I will pass them along to someone who might enjoy them more. Since the cost of the subscription is less than my coffee order when I go out, it isn’t something I worry about overly much (especially as I am no longer having coffee out and therefore not spending the money on coffee. Well technically I am as I keep getting better and better coffee at home along with better coffee accessories which I suppose adds up, but you know what I mean).

While they give you a little card stipulating the retail value of the earrings, the cost of the subscription is low enough that the retail value is negligible for me. I think that is one of the reasons I have never been attracted to their more expensive tiers.  I think if I paid more for the subscription I would be more concerned with the value.  With these, I like it or I don’t and that is only a personal taste issue. It is what makes it fun about this subscription.  And fun, more than anything is why I will continue keeping this subscription. I may change category once I’ve built up my earrings suitable for wearing with a face mask category, but the subscription will remain the same.

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