Opening The Candy Club Fun Box

A little while ago a large box arrived on my doorstep.  This was quite a surprise for me.  While I get several subscription boxes, when I signed up to try out The Candy Club I received an e-mail saying that in 30 days my box would be shipped out.  It has been less than two weeks.

For those of you who have never heard of them The Candy Club is (unsurprisingly) a candy subscription. I received a gift box a while ago sent from a friend for my birthday and fell in love with their blue razz sour belts. Now, I know I am trying to lose weight, but in my fitness plan I don’t ban anything outright, I simply use moderation. 

And occasionally I like a little something sweet or sour as the case may be.  I generally find that if I don’t ban candy I can take one or two pieces and be happy putting the rest away.  If however I ban it completely then when I do get it, I over eat.  My trick is to just have good candy around.  I generally have a Lindt Orange infused chocolate bar stashed in my desk.  Don’t tell my baby doll though he is like a chocolate bloodhound and thus far it is the one place I’ve managed to hide it that he doesn’t look.

I’m not entirely certain why he thinks I hide candy in my dressing table.  I think it might be the sweet lip glosses, but it is the first place he checks if he thinks chocolate is around.

But that is another story.

While there are several gift boxes available with differing degrees of personalization available, they have two monthly subscription boxes: Fun Size and Party Size. The Fun Size (which I received) contains six 6 oz candy cups for $29.99 per month + shipping and the Party size contains six 13 ox candy cups for $39.99. For those of you wondering about weight for shipping estimates my Fun Box weighed 3.90 lbs according to FEDEX.

Quite frankly the Fun Size box was large enough for me. 

They have two options as well.  You can choose the mostly sour option or the mostly sweet option.  Of course if you just want to order a specific candy or try out one that you think you might like, they have a website for that as well.  You can find that link here and it will take you to individual cup orders. The individual cups are 8 oz and most cost about $7.  The price varies based on what you order.

So I ordered the Fun Sized Box and I chose Mostly Sour as my option.  Do you want to see what I received?

So I have six jars and to my delight there is nutritional information on the back so I can count my calories. (the links with the jars will take you to the individual candies so you cans see more info about them, the Candy Club link will take you to the subscription if you are interested in that.)

Jar number one is Mini Pineapples. As you can see, they are shaped like mini pineapples.  They are mostly sweet with a slightly sour note but they are not super sour.  The scent of them is absolutely fabulous when you open the jar and the taste is really good but not overpowering.  It actually tastes more like real pineapple than the fake candy kind (which I was expecting)  I was pleasantly surprised.  I never would have ordered them on my own, but now I think I might.  They are really good.

The second jar contains something called Rainbow bites.  According to the label they are “tangy rainbow striped nibs filled with a core of sweet vanilla cream.” Again I wouldn’t have ordered them on their own. They are more sour than the pineapples and they come on strong but the center is sweet.  I found that the center was a bit hard at first but if I sucked on them a bit the heat from my mouth melted the center a bit and it had more flavor.  While I like the taste, and they will be eaten, I am not certain I would order them on their own. I just don’t like the filling all that much.  I think it needs a bit more of a flavor punch.  As it is the sweet gets overpowered with the sour.

The third jar I’m going to open is the Blue Bottles. Again they are bottle shaped (I’m sure you can see the theme), They are also one of my favorite blue raspberry flavors and they don’t disappoint.  I am going to have to measure them out slowly because I could very easily eat the entire jar.

After the blue raspberry flavor the one I was most looking forward to was the Grapefruit slices and I was thrilled they were in this box.  They are of course shaped like grapefruit slices and they have a real grapefruit flavor to them.  They are subtly tangy yet sweet and quite frankly I adore them.  I am going to have to order this one in an individual jar.

The Nutty caramel Clusters are the one solely sweet item in my ‘Mostly Sour’ box and I can’t say I am mad at it.  They are peanut clusters bound together by caramel and covered with chocolate.  While I am not a huge milk chocolate fan (I tend to lean towards the dark side) the caramel and the nuts give it a more complex flavor than I usually think of with milk chocolate. I can only eat one at a time as they are really rich but they sort of taste like a Milky Way minus the nougat.   I think one with an afternoon cup of coffee would be an excellent treat. I’m also pretty sure that I will have to hide the jar.

The underside of the clusters

Finally we come to the last item.  In the box it was the jar that broke free of the packaging and tried to make a break for it.  It is the Black Cherry sours. At first I thought they were hard candies but they are not.  They have a thin shell and are gummy inside.  They are nicely cherry, but to be honest, they aren’t my favorite.  They ride that line between sweet and sour but in the end just taste like cherry.  Oddly I sort of want to try adding them to a bottle of regular Coca Cola to see what happens.  While this isn’t a candy I’d want to eat often it is one that I could see playing around with in drinks .  I kind of want to drop it into some vodka and maybe add a twist of lemon.  

But that is an afterhours thing to play around with and even then I will have to keep them from my baby doll.  He tried them with me and this is exactly the kind of cherry flavor he likes.  I may play with one or two but I suspect I will just be handing over the jar.

Over all I have to say I am really happy with my mix of candies in my Candy Club Box.  There were a few I wouldn’t have picked on my own but four out of the six I would order a full jar of on their own.  Of the remaining two I would order the Black Sour Cherries for my baby doll but I think I would give the Rainbow Bites a pass.  That ended up being a pretty good mix for me. I love that the jars have nice twist off lids and are reusable.  I suspect that my the end of the summer all of them will be filled with dried herbs and tea leaves as I am always looking for more containers when the garden is in full bloom. The jars are lightweight but sturdy and they have the nutritional information on them so I can know exactly how much I am indulging when I indulge. All in all, this was a win for me.

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