The Daily: March 11th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Have you ever had a thought so stupid drift through your head that as soon as you thought it, you felt one half of your brain look at the other half and and think ‘idiot’? And then you laugh at yourself. I kind of had that happen.

A while back I started using the Native Deodorant to give it a try. I really liked it, but it was summer when I switched and I had issues with sweat stains. They got smaller as time went on and my body adjusted actually.

Well the first one I used was the Cucumber and mint (very summer fresh) and then for the holidays I switched to a small Sugar Cookie, which while effective, is a scent I like best in a mini seasonal variety. I never got a chance to try the Candy Cane deodorant which is sad because you know how I love peppermint. I did get the body wash and let me tell you, when the season rolls around I am stocking up on the Candy Cane Body Wash if they have it. I still think there ought to be a formal protest against whoever decided peppermint was a seasonal scent. For me, it is year round.

But that is another story.

The current deodorant scent I am using is Water Lily and Orchid. It is lightly floral but not overpowering and I like it very much. As the weather warms I want to go back to the cucumber and mint though.

Anyway, I know that is a lot of back story. Today was the first really warm walk I’ve been on in a while and when I got home I checked for armpit stains and there was only a small drop which is a huge improvement over when I first started and makes me feel confident about using the Native Deodorant all summer.

Here comes the stupid thought. My brain said… “Maybe it is because cucumber has more water in it.”

Yeah. Go ahead and laugh. I am. The backlash from the smart side of my brain was instant and vicious. I had to laugh at myself. I know it is because my body finally just adjusted to using the natural Native Deodorant instead of my usual antiperspirant.

And then when I came home I came home to find Agnes’ son lurking around my driveway with a very large bunch of bananas.

Yeah, Bananas.

He knew my baby doll has allergies so he didn’t want to bring flowers but he wanted to thank me for helping with his mother yesterday. I’m not entirely certain how you get from flowers to bananas, but it was a nice gesture. I think he was also worried that I might think she wasn’t looked after so he brought over a copy of the schedule they set up, with contact numbers in case of another accidental Agnes sighting. They have about two weeks before the family member who is moving in full time can make the move so they have a rotation setup. Yesterday involved some crossed wires with the schedule. Someone in the schedule had an emergency, called for relief and the times got lost somewhere in translation.

I’m glad they have a system, and that I know who to call if Agnes calls for tea again. She has three kids and eight adult grandkids all taking turns so I know she is well cared for. I don’t think he is worried that I’ll call an official. I think he is mortified that someone might think that he and the family weren’t looking after their mother.

While I appreciate his concern, and the bananas, and things are all squared away, my schedule was once again blown to smithereens. So I have not actually gotten around to putting on makeup. Truthfully I am still in my morning workout clothes and really need to take a shower before I can get back to the remnants of my day.

Some days life just looks at your schedule and laughs really hard. I just have to accept that is what happened today. In fact if I shut my eyes i can actually hear life chuckling.

But hey, at least I got bananas out of it.

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