Skin Care Line up: March 12th, 2021

Products in Use March 12th, 2021

Good morning my darlings. I thought it was time to do a bit of a skin care line up. This week there are a lot of sample sizes so this will be a lot of first impressions. Some of the products lasted long enough to earn a full review, and those will be posted as individual reviews. I just wanted to go over what was in my line up,. When I add products I tend to stagger them so that I don’t start a whole new routine at the same time. Also, even though there are a lot of products in this line up, they aren’t used all at the same time. Some I use in the day, some at night, some I only use a few times a week. But lets get into it, shall we?

There are two makeup removers in this week’s line up. The first is the Klorane Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. The link will take you to the full review if you are interested. It is not only effective at gently removing eye makeup but even if it gets in your eyes it doesn’t sting and it doesn’t coat your contacts with an oily film that clouds your vision. I’m a big fan. I tend to use it on the eye makeup that doesn’t just come off with my wet Makeup Eraser. There aren’t a lot of products like that, so it takes a while to use u even a sample size. I will be picking up the full size when it runs out.

The Makeup remover oil I used this week was the MAC Cleanse off oil. It is in the regular formula. I really like it. What I tend to do is put it on a dry face full of makeup, rub it in to break down the makeup, then rinse it off and then go in with the wet Makeup Eraser to take off every little bit. Then if needed go back in with the Klorane. I know it seems like a lot, but it is sort of my system. I have about two to three uses left in the bottle and then the MAC will be no more. I like it and I wouldn’t mind using it again. I think I’m going to roll in the Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm to take its place when it is finished.

Once the makeup is removed I go in with a cleanser. My cleanser this week was the Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder. And Oh my darlings, I am in love. Don’t let the name fool you. It may have a gentle exfoliant in it but the powder melts with a drop of water and rubbing your hands together productse foam. There is no grit whatsoever with this product.

The scent is light and clean. It is that slightly fruity, slightly floral category that many Asian based skin care products seem to have. I’ve noticed it in both Amore Pacific and Tatcha ones. Personally I can’t tell if it is a fruit or a flower or a combination of the two that produces the scent. I really like it and the scent is very light and fades quickly, but it is present. I usually like Amore Pacific products and this was no exception. This is definitely a product I will be picking up in a full size for a full on trial. I liked it for the two week’s I’ve used it and think I would be very happy using it over a longer period.

I can not say the same about my toner. This week (and actually for several weeks prior) I used the Youth to the People Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliant Power toner. I was excited because with the AHA’s I didn’t feel the need to roll in an AHA product to use the morning after I’ve used my retinol. I figured this had it covered. It may have, but I did not enjoy this toner. I’m sure the scent could probably be chalked up to the Kombucha but to my nose it kept smelling like rubbing alcohol and I just didn’t like that.

toner and moisturizer

It also made my skin feel very sticky. It was not a feeling I cared for in a toner. I reached the end of the bottle yesterday so this morning I rolled in my Akar Balancing Toning mist to replace it. I used a sample of the Akar and liked t enough to pick up a full size so this is the full size. After a month of use I’ll post a full review. The Youth to the people Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliant Power toner I will not be picking up in a full size.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using an essence in my daily routine. I used the Real Ferment Micro Essence Neo Gen Dermalogy. There is still enough product in the bottle that I might be able to use it another week, if so it will have given me five full weeks of use so there will be a full review soon. If you are wondering what an essence is then let me simply explain.

An essence is a product that opens your pores and makes them more receptive to accepting the skin care products that follow. I will be using this product until it is gone. I will probably pick up a full size but it might be a while as I want to try out other essences as well. This was my first so I want more of a sampling to compare it to before I make that decision. Previously I was using it before my toner, but I really didn’t like the feel of that particular toner so I sort of used the essence to take it away. I know, not the best, but that is why the toner is not returning.

In case you ae wondering about order. I was always taught to go lightest to heaviest with products. So I tend to go with Serum, eye cream, moisturizer. On the nights when I use retinol, I don’t use my serum and use it in place of it, but i follow with facial oil for extra moisture and then later go in with a night cream just before bed. The mornings after I use retinol i use an AHA product. The AHA products sweep away all the dead skin cells the retinol evicted the night before.

My serum in this line up was the Skyn Iceland Icelandic Youth Serum with Red Algae and I can unequivocally say I will be picking up a full size of this product. My skin reacted really well to it and I loved the way it made my skin feel. The sample was tantalizingly tiny though. I managed a little over a week with it, mostly because I was also using a retinol.

The Retinol I used was the La Roche Posay B3 Retinol Serum. It too was a tantalizingly small sample but I really enjoyed using it. It is another product i will definitely be picking up in the full size. My skin was clear and smooth (with one exception which I’ll cover in a bit) the entire time I used this. I know it was also a combination of products, but I think this did play a role. I only used the retinol twice a week because I am spending a lot more time in the sun. I am getting my garden ready for spring and retinol do make the skin a little more sensitive. I also need to look at getting a gardening hat actually.

This wasn’t too sensitizing actually. I had no redness appear after spending time in the sun, but as I’ve spent the winter indoors and am likely to burn now in any event I like to be careful. After the spring sun burn last year that took me down, I am being extra careful. The tube was emptied and completely flattened in my last ues so I will be rotating a full size of the Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum. Truthfully I went to pick up the Lo Roche Posay from my local Target when I went figuring I might as well just roll the sample into a full sized trial, but they were out. And then I saw the Versed bottle and bought it. I like Versed products so we will see how it does. I will be purchasing a full sized version of the La Roche Posay however.

I like to wear oil after my retinol to ensure moisture is locked in and this week I used the last of my Malin+Goetz Recovery Oil. I think this is either my second or third bottle. I also have a spare in my skin care drawer so I will clearly be using it again. I really like it. I will be trying out another oil this coming week though as I have several samples sent in subscription boxes that I want to try. I will be rotating in the Earth Harbor Marina Biome Brightening oil into the line up.

One product that I have to say I am getting rid of even though there is product left in the tube is the Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch. I’ve been using it a while and to be honest I just don’t like it. I like several Avant Products, but this is not one of them. Under my eyes I ended up getting a lot more clogged pores. While I am used to a few here and there, they were mostly gone before I started using this eye cream and now they have all multiplied. Even though there is product left, I am done with it and will rotate in a Perricone MD Eye cream tonight to take its place.

I also did not like my moisturizer. It too was from Youth to The People. I’ve liked YTTP moisturizers in the past but this one just didn’t work for me. It was the Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream. It was not only not as moisturizing as I like but it took a really long time to absorb in. It was a lot of wait for very little pay off. I will not be picking up a full size for a full scale trial and am happy to see it go. The jar is now empty and I think I am going to rotate in the 111Skin Y Theorem Day cream. I tried a sample and really liked it so now it is time to see what the full size can do.

My night Cream was Dr. botanicals Pomegranate Sleeping Mask. It is a much larger product than the others but i don’t think it is a full size. I will use the last of it and I think that I will reach for a full size in the future. The scent is light and fades away almost immediately. It is a thick gream and I used it every other night. On those nights I used it to replace my moisturizer. I actually liked it more than the moisturizer so that wasn’t a problem. I still have a few more days, possibly even a week before it runs out so I will be finishing it up. The cream is the sort that needs to be warmed up in the hands before applying it to the face. Even then there will be some white streaks, but they absorb in with very little rubbing, which I like. I think that I would pick up a full sized tube of this in the future. it is a good basic night mask. It provides moisture and in the dry winter that is a good thing. It doesn’t have any real anti aging properties which i am leaning towards more and more, but it is an excellent moisturizer.

I know this has gotten really long but we are almost done.

I like a lip scrub and a lip moisturizer on my lips before bed. I used the Milk Makeup Kush Lip Scrub and Milk Makeup Kush Lip Glaze in this line up. I am almost out of scrub and will use it until it is gone. I am likewise almost out of the lip glaze. Both will be used until they are gone and be repurchased. This link will take you to my full review.

And finally for my neck I used the Dermelect Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum. I’ve used it before, I will use it again and thus far it is the best product I have found to help eliminate the loose chicken skin on my neck I am very please with it and foresee multiple purchases in the future.

This week’s post was a little long because I had so many sample sizes I wanted to do a first impressions of. I am sorry for the length. Hopefully next weeks will be more manageable. Over all there were plenty of wins and a few losses. In general it wasn’t a bad week and it will be interesting to see how things change as I start rolling new products in. That is always the really interesting part,


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