The Daily: March 16th, 2021

Today was interesting actually. As I mentioned I received my first does of the vaccine yesterday so I have been monitoring myself for flu like symptoms and any other sort of reaction. My left arm muscle is sore but I am 99% certain that the itchy watery eyes are due to the very high pollen count. The trees are the culprit I believe. We’ve had several Bradford Pears start to flower.

Now I say this with all the love in my heart. Yes planting trees is a good thing. But you really need to pick the right trees. Bradford pears are beloved by contractors, or they were for a while, I rather think they’ve gone off them now. They are an invasive species that may look nice from a distance but when in flower turn the air chokingly, cloyingly floral. It is like being stuck in an elevator with some one who instead of just adding a spritz of perfume to the wrist dumped an entire gallon drum over their heads just before climbing into the elevator with you.

Trees are wonderful, but choose wisely when selecting the ones you want to plant.

The reason I think they are to blame for my eyeballs being itchy is that A) it happens every year and B) they weren’t itchy before I went on my walk. I suspect for the next few days I am going to be hyper aware of my internal workings. I apologize if I end up sounding like a hypochondriac.

Despite the trees I went on a walk and got my exercise in. My nose was runny as well y the time I returned so I was glad that I decided not to put makeup on until after I cleaned up from my walk. At the moment I am drinking loads of water as I typically find that if during the day I flush out my system so to speak, then I can sort of wash out a bit of the allergens. I know that isn’t very scientific, but it works for me and it means that I only need to take allergy medicine just before bed so I can sleep without being stuffy. I’ve noticed that the less I take the pills the less my system is used to them so when I do take them they hit harder and faster. It sometimes makes me a little loopy but as i take them just before bed it isn’t really an issue. so water is my friend.

So exercise is done, calories are on track and if nothing else, I will be hydrated. Over all, I can’t really complain.

Since yesterday’s visit to the mobile vaccination site punched a hole in my schedule, I have been playing catch up most of today. As a consequence, My makeup was the quick and easy five minute Variety.

Today’s Products

Primer: Optical Illusion from Urban Decay

Foundation: Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation Stick

Bronzer: TrestiQue Bronzing Stick

Blush: Benefit Gold Rush

Eyeshadow: Ciate London The Trend Edit Palette

Mascara: Wet ‘n Wild Big Poppa

Lipstick: Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Matte in Cinnamon Spice

It was a super quick look that I think turned out okay. It is nothing fancy. I think I even forgot highlighter and setting spray today. The Eye shadow layered a base of the shadow Nude, darkened the crease a little with Burnt and put Champagne in the inner corner. I basically chose products I didn’t have to think too hard about using. They went on easy and once on, I don’t have to worry about them. Some days I like to play, other times, I just need to get a move on. Today was a move on day. I even forgot to add the jewelry I laid out.

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