Weekly Weight: 217.6 lbs

No you aren’t seeing a flashback, I actually gained a little weight this week. What can I say, it was a very off week for me.  Daylight savings threw me for a loop, allergies did a number on me and the vaccine took a bit of a toll.

If there was one week where I was going to be okay gaining a little bit of weight, this was it.

Am I happy? No, I always want to see those numbers go down.  Given the week I will accept it.  I am going to list the stats before I think too much about the numbers.

The stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 216.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 217.6 lbs

Change this week:  +0.8 lbs

Lost this far: 28.4 lbs

Personally I can live with the gain this week.  The trick is not to let it stop me from losing weight next week. Oh and last week I forgot to post a picture of the shoes with this post so I am posting both last Friday’s shoes and this Friday’s shoes.  I know at this point they are still new enough not to show too much wear on them (plus it has been raining so there has been less walking than usual) but I want to get in the habit of recording the wear as I move forward.  Week three may not show damage but I’m betting around week eight, there will be signs of wear.  While the brand for these is still New Balance, this is a new style for me with a slightly different sole and I want to monitor how it wears to see if I want to keep going with this style or shift to trying a new pair. Plus if I get in the habit of taking a picture of them every week, I won’t forget to monitor them and then have to think back to when I actually purchased them and try to guess about how long they lasted. Or be surprised by a hole in the toe.  With luck, I’ll see it coming.

Last week’s shoe picture on the left and this week’s shoes on the right

I think moving forward I may take the picture of the shoes when new and put them on the left and then add the updated photo of the week so that the change can be more visible seen. But as i said above it is early days yet. I’ve just begun braking these shoes in really.It will be interesting to see how long they last.

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