The Daily: March 24th, 2021

Oh the best laid plans. Today was a gym day and I was ready. I got dressed, I refilled by water bottle, I filled my travel sized my hand sanitizer bottle and I had a fresh mask. I was on the way to the door when the phone rang and I foolishly answered it. Two hours later the call ended and I was knee deep in a project that technically finished several months ago. Apparently there was one extra section that never made it onto the scope of work and they just now realized it. There were deep apologies and much gratefulness.

I didn’t mind it really but it did mean that anything else I had planned went out the window.

There was no exercising. There wasn’t even any attempt to do my makeup. I am still sitting at my desk wearing the workout clothes that never made it to the gym. I suppose there is always tomorrow right?

Overall it wasn’t a bad day, just not what I was expecting. I can live with that.

Technically I am under calories as I sort of missed lunch. I had a lot of coffee, but at least it was good coffee and then I had water and at least it was good water. Both are listed below and I highly recommend. Tonight dinner is pasta. I’ll measure for portion control, because i can’t eat what i don’t cook. It isn’t the salad I planned, but as lunch wasn’t what I planned either, adjustments need to be made.

Amora Coffee LLC


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