The Daily: March 25th, 2021

Welcome to Thursday. I swear this week just went streaming by. I could not actually testify that this was Thursday if it werne;’t for the calendar proclaiming it so. I’m pretty sure there are two days actually missing from the talley.

I’m afraid there isn’t much to report as far as exercise goes. Today was not a gym day and it is pouring down buckets outside with flood warnings everywhere and lightning flashing. It is quite dramatic. Maybe that’s why I felt like channeling Ursula the sea witch for my makeup. The purples in the HipDot Zion Palette Just called to me.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Hi- Fi Filter (which is incidentally on sale. Normally it is $49 but right now it is on sale for $29. Not sure how long the sale will last but there you go. It is a really good set fyi)

Blush: ECO Fabulous in Camellia

Highlight: Revolution Highlighter Palette (I used the gold shade)

Eyeshadow: Hip Dot Zion Palette

Liner: Eyeko fat liquid liner

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Mascara: Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes Mascara

Brows: Hourglass Arch

Concealer: Julep Cushion Complexion

Lips: Kristofer Buckle Cashmere Slip in Bardot

Setting Spray: The Porefessional Super setter from Benefit Cosmetics

When taken in whole I think the look turned out okay, but not spectacular. When you get up close it does tend to look a bit Ursula like. I like the Hip Dot Formula but every time I reach for this palette I reach for the same shades. I love their darker tones and avoid the brighter ones. I decided today to reach for the shades I never reach for, which ended up being a lot of the purples. Hence the sea witch. It was fun to reach for new shades and play around on a rainy day. And yes there is a note of procrastination in that.

I have a list of things that I had to put off because of the incoming emergency. I’m just not feeling terribly motivated today. And so I played with the eyeshadow for a bit longer than I planned. I’m going to blame the rain though. I do have to say though I really do love that lipstick. This is the second one I’ve had in the Kristofer Buckle shade Bardot. The Cashmere Slip formula is just so comfortable to wear and this is just such a lovely neutral shade.I finished the old tube of Bardot and I have been resisting opening the new one. Today seemed like the perfect time to open it.

So now i have delayed in playing with the shadow and thunder is rumbling overhead. I think it is definitely time for me to get back to work. I managed to get no exercise in and probably won’t the rest of the day, but I am keeping my calories on point. I’m pretty sure that counts for something.

If anyone is looking to scoop up a bunch of nail polishes for not a lot of money, Sparituals is clearing out their entire line of Vegan Nail Lacquers. All of them are 60% off they are available a long as supplies last so if you are interested I would jump on it. Personally I think First Light is a fantastic rose gold shimmer. I’m not sure if it is part of the sale but it is a fantastic color. As are New Moon (silver shimmer) and Golden thread (a golden shimmer) I’ve really been linking shimmers lately… Anyway the code to get your 60% off is GOODBYE.

Happy shopping!


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