Perfume Review: Clean Reserve from the Avant Garden Collection: Galbanum & Rain

This perfume sample came to me in a Macy’s beauty box. I believe it was two months ago. As I was trying out a bunch of Kierin NYC Perfumes (Highly recommend their discovery kit and perfumes), I put it to the side and this week the trial began. Well actually the trial began last week but the week long trial ends today. Which is kind of a good thing as the sample vial was only about half full when I received it and now there are only a few drops left in the sample tube. I’m pretty sure the reason they are left is because I didn’t wear any perfume yesterday.

Yesterday the vaccine took me down and I essentially felt like I had a week’s worth of the Flu condensed into twenty four hours. I’m happy to have the vaccine, but that was a rough twenty four hours.

But back to the perfume.

I’ve wanted to try a Clean Beauty Perfume for a while now, and I’ll admit it is for superficial reasons. I really like the look of the bottles. I find them very aesthetically pleasing.And I hoped that the pleasing looking bottle would contain an equally pleasing scent. While there are many bottles out there that I like, I won’t purchase them if the perfume isn’t something I would wear. I just admire the bottles from afar.

But now I have a sample to test of the Clean Beauty Reserve: Galbanum and Rain from their Avant Garden Collection so I can see if the perfume does suit me. And so I spritzed and sniffed. At first there was a slight alcohol scent, but that dissipated quickly and then my brain converted the scent that remained into the word green. Seriously, I asked my brain: “Barin what does it smell like?” And it said “Green”.

Sometimes my brain likes to think that scents and tastes are colors.

I know, not always helpful.

I can usually work past it though. After about an hour my brain changed it to ‘Floral Green’ s it is a very floral based perfume. A little while later my brain finally spit out the words, “with Patchouli”. I know floral green with patchouli is probably not the best description.

Perhaps before I continue we had better check in with the official site.

Restorative renewal. Energizing realignment. Tantalize your senses with a tropical bouquet. Top Notes: Sichuan Pepper, Star Anise, Watery Effect; Middle Notes: Incense Galbanum; Base Notes: White Moss, Clearwood Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver

Behind The Scent: Patchouli notes highlight that earthy musk aroma profile you’re after. We chose to partner with a company that sources sustainable Patchouli from Indonesia in support of their program that supports the local farmers. Vetiver is a tropical grass commonly cultivated for its strong and fast-growing roots, which can grow 3 to 4 meters deep. Not only is Vetiver highly tolerant to droughts, but it also helps protect against soil erosion. We made the choice to partner with a company that sources sustainable Vetiver from Haiti in support of their program which provides education and health care for the farmers and their families.

Ha! Go Brain Go! well at least with the Patchouli. To be honest the only thing I can really scent is Patchouli sort of reigned in with a green, somewhat general floral scent. I can’t really pick out any distinct florals. The Sichuan Pepper Star Anise are completely missing for me and I’m not even sure how to guess what a watery effect smells like.

While the scent doesn’t travel far, only scenting the air directly around you, it is a somewhat heavy perfume. The florals may be on the lighter side, but that Patchouli does add some weight. Because of that I would call this a night time scent rather than a daytime one. It isn’t one I would choose for the work day. I also probably wouldn’t wear it to dinner as I think the scent might interfere with and probably clash with the scents of the food.

The scent may not travel, but it does linger in a scent bubble around you. And it does last all day long. It does not fade. One spritz and you have your own private scent bubble for as long as you wear it. Oddly, I fell asleep wearing it one day because I applied it after my shower. The next morning I sniffed my wrist and not only was it still there but it was faded into a much lighter scent that i liked much more.

While the scent is nice, I think it is too heavy a scent for me. I really do like the green notes and while Patchouli isn’t my favorite scent in the world, it does work well here, tempered as it is with the green scents around it. Because of the weight to the scent I don’t think i will be adding it to my collection, However the fact that I do like the scent over all makes me want to try some of their other perfumes.

The names are intriguing in this collection and some of the combinations in both this collection and others look like scents i would definitely be interested in trying out. I think that because of my thoughts on this perfume, I would definitely have to try these perfumes in sample form before I’d feel comfortable buying them. Which, quite honestly is something nice to know about a brand. While this Clean Beauty Perfume is not for me, I will be trying out other samples from them because I like the thought of their scent combinations. And who knows, maybe one of those pretty bottles will be in my collection. It just won’t be this one.

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Shop Sobelia Perfumes Today!

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