The Daily: April 7th, 2021

Today has certainly kept me hopping. Yesterday was an unexpected sick day for me (although if I had been thinking I would have sort of planned for some side effects since everyone else I know has had them.) Today I’m feeling better. My fever broke sometime in the night and while my arms are still a little on the achy side I no longer feel like my bones are undergoing some sort of medieval torture.

I think my hands were actually the worst with that. My finger joints really hurt. Luckily that was all gone when i woke up. As are the other flu like symptoms. Only the slight stiffness and soreness in the arms remains. It now just feels like I did a particularly hard work out with weights the day before. Not pleasant, but not debilitating.

It is however why I am taking the rest of the week off from the gym. I’ll start back again on Monday. I’m just going to add a few days of recuperation to my slate before I return. I think that might be for the best. I did go on a walk today though and it was nice to get out into the sunshine. I was going to wait for a bit on the walking but we have rain coming our way so I’m not entirely certain how much walking will be a possibility the rest of the week. I may go to the gym just for the treadmill if the rain returns in force and floods the park, but I am staying away from the weights circuit.

Yesterday my stomach was a delicate thing so not many calories were consumed. Today I’m still not very hungry so I am just sort of seeing where things stand. I went for soup for lunch and it seems to be sitting well but I only managed half a bowl. At the moment I think keeping track of calories isn’t really a goal. I expect at some point my appetite will come roaring back and I’ll make up for everything that I missed, but right now I’m just taking it as it goes.

Most of today has been spent at my desk catching up and to be honest, I haven’t even gotten around to putting on makeup today. I moisturized and then dusted my face with some Kristofer Buckle translucent setting powder so I wouldn’t be shiny and called it good. I think I might have reached for a lip balm at some point. I’m good with that today. There were no meetings, phone or otherwise and my monitor doesn’t actually care what I look like. Somedays, you just have to let things go. Today I am just calling a skin care day. I’ll use a face mask later so it will all work out. I may even try telling myself that leaving off the makeup was intentional and not because I got caught up in dealing with a bunch of e-mails.

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