The Zents Eau De Toilette Sample Collection

This collection was sent to me for review by Zents. My opinions however are my own.

Scent is a very subjective thing and one scent that attracts me, may not be suitable for another person. It is probably the reason that so many perfumes exist in the world. Personally I rotate through scents, choosing the scent to go with the day, time of tay, activity or season. many people I know choose a signature scent and stick with it for years.

Whichever category you fall into, or even if you have your own category somewhere in between, there are few places in the realm of beauty where testing out a product before you purchase it are more important. I remember I met a woman who smelled fantastic. Several years later, when I came across the perfume for sale, I bought it remembering how much I liked it on her. Perhaps it was time, situation or season but on me the scent was a disaster.

Now I try samples for a few days at least before I buy a scent. Generally a week will let me know if it is something I want to use for an entire bottle. And usually that is the length of time a perfume sample will last.

So wehen Zents sent their Eau de Toilette Sampler set for me to try, I was thrilled.

In my posts I generally use the term perfume and for this upcoming slate of reviews I am going to try to break myself of this habit because these are not Eau de parfums, they are eau de toilettes.

So what is the difference?

Very simply put, an eau de toilette has less perfume oil in it so it is designed to be a lighter scent than a perfume. This is very much in keeping with the Zents line of products.

While they have an array of scented products in varying aromas (they also have a completely unscented line called Unzented).Their scents are delicate and designed for people who like light touches of scent or who are generally sensitive to scent but don’t want completely unscented products.

What I really like about their products is that they have collections of scent. For example I am currently using (and loving) the Mandarin Balancing Shampoo. I know that they have a Mandarin Bath truffle (which i’ve ordered many times) and the scent matches. There are other Mandarin scented products in the line and in the Sample set there is a Mandarin Scent that you can clearly also purchase in a full sized bottle of Eau de Toilette. o if you are a person who likes to coordinate your personal scents rather than worrying about potential clashes. If you are looking to mix them up, then they are light enough to blend really well.

With some of their products, it is easy to tell what the scent will be like. Mandarin, unsurprisingly smells of Mandarins. I’m sure when I get to them the Fig and Pear eau de Toilettes will smell of Figs and Pears. But they have other scents in the line that aren’t immediately clear how they will smell. They have descriptions to give you some idea, but there is nothing like smelling them yourself to let you understand not only how the scent smells, but how it smells on you. Eau de Toilettes labeled Water, Sun, and Earth are tantalizing and stir all sorts of possibilities in the mind, but to know if they are for me, I need to try them.

And thankfully in this sampleter set Zents sent my way, all of them are included. All ten scents from their collection are in the Sampler set. The set retails for $22 and each of the ten samples contains 1.5 ml worth of product. Typically the sampler set comes in a lovely box, however according to the site the boxes are temporarily out of stock. So the sets come in small organza pouches instead. I am fine with the swap. While I o reuse most boxes in the garden compost, having less cardboard to deal with is not a bad thing and the pouch is certainly nice enough to be reused. I also like the fact that the samples are in the bag and it is hard to tell which is which. I think with sample boxes i have the tendency to start at one end and work my way to the other. This is like a weekly surprise.

Because oh yes my darlings I am trying them all. I will spend a week with each scent and after my week, let you know my thoughts and opinions. My plan is to reach in and pick one randomly each week as I work my way through them. I’ll read through the descriptions after I;ve had a day or two with the scent but i would like to react to them with as little expectation as possible. this way i can decide how i feel about them before I see anothers comments.

There are cards that come with the kit and each scent is listed out with a short description. I am going to try and be good and not look at the cards. I love that included with the kit are white paper sample sticks. Because lets face it, sometimes no matter how fantastic a brand is, some scents are just not for you. Having the sticks there can let you sniff before spritzing the wrist so you know if it is something you would want to wear for the res of the day without actually having to wear it the rest of the day.

There is something also interesting when you look on the web page for the sample set. If you look through the description you will come to a tab marked Tips. Click on it and you will find…

BESPOKE Eau de Toilettes are pure perfection on their own. They are also fully compatible with other scents and products in the collection. We recommend blending or layering up to three of your favorite scents… there is no wrong combination.

Please recycle the box and vials after use.


This is one of those things you can do with some Eau de Toilettes that you can’t do with a perfume, at least none that I’ve tried. You can blend the scents a little to make something that is perfect for you.Because of it’s lighter perfume oil content, the toilette products really lend themselves to that. In my first pass I will be trying them each alone. However each vial tends to have enough product for more than a week so after running through them individually I may look at combining them.

I have to admit, the mad scientist in me is really looking forward to that.

But that is a little ways off as we have ten weeks of scents to try out first. While I am sure there will be some highs and some lows, as the scents are widely varied. I have to say as a sample set, I really like this package. It not only has a wide array of scents, but because the cents of their Eau de Toilettes are replicated in their other products, I can know for certain that if Sun or Ore appeals to me as a Eau de Toilette, then would probably like it as a lotion or a bath truffle. So this is a scent test in the broadest of possible terms. I can hardly wait to get started.

In fact I am not waiting. I am going to jiggle the pretty organza bag, open the top and reach in blind to see what scent I will be wearing after my shower today and for the rest of the week. Ready?

Okay, the vial my hand closed on was Earth. I’m setting it aside to begin the trial after bathing and I’ll see you back here next week to let you know my thoughts. See you then.

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