Let’s get a little Bubly

Anyone who has read my posts for any length of time knows that one of my favorite kitchen tools is my Soda Stream.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my Hamilton Beach Food Processor.  However my Soda Stream is a next level love. 

As strange as it sounds, one of my blocks to weight loss is my beverage consumption.  Put simply, I tend to drink liquids all day long.  I always have.  I still stick with my coffee in the morning,

However I have been slowly replacing most of the other beverages with water.  One of the first things I realized is that when you drink a lot of it, water feels heavy.  One of the ways I found to get me to drink more water and alleviate that heaviness is to carbonate the water.  I have always loved sparkling water so for me this was a no brainer.

My babydoll and I both grew up in houses where the bar cart had a soda syphon as well and many of the favored cocktails include seltzer.   We picked up the Soda Stream partially to try and have our own ‘soda’s’ at home, because my babydoll is a big soda fan, but mostly for the seltzer water.

My other trick for getting myself to drink more water is to put the water in a fancier glass that makes me just feel special drinking it.  And as water is the essence of life, why shouldn’t it be celebrated?  The glass pictured is from the Rachel Zoe Collection. It is one of the stemless champagne flutes.  It holds 8 ounces exactly and feels really good in the hand. It also looks pretty good on the desk.

When we first picked up the Soda Stream there were soda flavorings that went with the machine.  At that point I had already cut out a lot of the sugar I was used to eating and the mixes were all way to sweet for me.  My babydoll who still drinks soda really likes the Lemon Lime mix, but only uses about half of the recommended flavoring amount to cut down on the sweetness. I will occasionally put in a small drop into a glass, but it really is just the tiniest of drops. 

With the regular soda flavorings I tend to put the drop into the glass and pour the carbonated water over it so that the water mixes itself and I don’t have to stir. As it is sparkling, stirring can sometimes cause issues.

When Soda Stream released the Bubly Drops line I was thrilled. The drops are designed to flavor water so that it tastes like flavored water and not as though it was soda.  Which means it sounded just about perfect for me. 

But was it?

I picked up the Raspberry flavored bubbly drops to try it out. 

It is an unsweetened natural flavor essence with zero calories.  As with the other soda stream mixers, I find it better to put the drops in the bottom of the glass and then add the water.  I noticed if you add them to the water the scent sort of gathers and lingers and I don’t think it mixes in will since the flavor changed half way through.  If I put the drops in the bottom of the glass, the flavor blended into the entire glass with no issues. 

It is a natural raspberry essence with no sugars added so it is not sweet.  You get the taste of raspberry, but there is a slightly bitter note to it.  I actually kind of like the slight bitterness as it makes the water taste a little more like mineral water.  I tend to drink a lot of Pellegrino and it is sort of that same bitter minerally taste. I enjoy that flavor and so I enjoyed the drops.

The issue that you might face when dealing with these drops is that you have to remember that less is more.  The bottle recommends that ¼ tsp (1.2 ml) be added to a 12 oz glass. My glass is 8 ounces and I used about half of that amount.  Yup a 1/8 tsp.  That seemed to be about the right amount for me. 

If you add too much of the essence to the water it will begin to taste a bit medicinal and not very nice.  Restrain yourself and it is a very nice glass of flavored water.  No sugar, no strange flavors.  While I still like my plain water and I do love my occasional bottle of Blackberry Hint, having these drops around is a nice alternative to when you need something just a little different. 

Now that I’ve tried and liked it, I have my eye on a few of the other flavors.  Most notably the grapefruit. I think that might be my next purchase.  Grapefruit is hard to nail in a flavored water and when done right it is one of my favorite flavors, especially in the summer. So I have my fingers crossed that this will provide the flavor I want. For now I have the raspberry and soon, I will test the grapefruit.  I’ll keep you posted.

SodaStream USA, inc

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