Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eyeshadow Stick

I recently received the Cargo Swimmables eyeshadow stick in a Glossy box and have spent the week putting it to the test. In addition to using it for my daily looks this week, I played around with it to see what it could do.

First off though, what is a Swimmables?

Lightweight, crease-proof, water-resistant, ultra-creamy eye shadow stick! 

  • High coverage formula that glides on.
  • Once applied the formula has a 20 second playtime to be blended out before it sets.
  • Color stays true and lasts as long as you do—it only comes off when you take it off!
  • Won’t budge through sweat, swim, or tears!
  • The creamy formula makes it easily blendable so you can mix it with your other shadow sticks.

At least that is what the Cargo Cosmetics site claims. The shade i received in my Glossy box was Sandy Bay. I’ll admit the swatch, at first was not all that inspiring. It looked more gray than blue, but I was encouraged by its creamy texture and full color coverage. I also liked that it is a matte shade. I know companies make them, I saw several mattes I wanted to try on the Bobbi Brown Site actually, but I only have shimmering shadow sticks in my collection so i was thrilled to play around with a matte.

And so I tried it. To give it its best shot, I tried it first on its own with no other shadows. It applied well and blended across the lid excellently. I really liked the fact that it looked more like blue smoke than it did on the hand swatch. There is a shadow cast by the camera and I apologize for that. The shadow was a nice subtle shae to wear.

And wear it did. All day in fact. The shadow lasted all day long without fading or creasing which I found really impressive. I thought I was going to have to use a waterproof makeup remover to get it off, however all I used was a wet Makeup Eraser and the shadow came right off.

Less impressive was the next test where I tried to blend it with a shimmery shadow stick from another brand. I tried to use the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick as it is a stunning shade and has never failed me.

I tried applying it over the Cargo Swimmables and this is the look that came out. t took a lot of work to get the shimmer to even show. Any blending and the Bobbi Brown slid off of the Cargo Swimmables onto my finger and refused to adhere. I did try playing with other shadow sticks and had the same results. It may work well with other swimmables shadow sticks but it didn’t play well with others.

I managed to get the shimmer on, mostly where I had not put the wimmables or had blended it in lightly. To apply the swimmables I started on the outer edge and used a finger to blend towards the center. With the Shimmer I started at the corner and blended outwards.

I tried reversing the order but the swimmables wouldn’t go over the shimmer at all. It simply didn’t show up but slid right off. As for powder that was an unholy mess. If applied over the Swimmables it was patch and sparse anf if applied under the swimmables sort of sucked the powder off of the lid and the shadow stick had to be wiped off.

While I like the Cargo Cosmetics Shadow Stick in their Swimmables line it is a product that needs to be used alone, or possibly with other swimmables. As I had only one, I couldn’t try that out. It doesn’t work well with other formulas, whether cream or powder. It stands alone. It looked nice alone and wore well, but it is just something to remember. When using it on your lids, you aren’t using anything else.

Makeup Eraser

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