The Daily: April 29th, 2021

Today will be s short post for today was the day of the dentist. There was no exercise but on the plus side, there will be little food. My mouth is still numb and rubbery and I expect pain once it is not. While my dentist is a pleasant man, visiting him is not fun and today was not the high point of my week. Still it needed to be done. I hoped for a short, visit but my hopes were dashed.

On a fun note(if dark humor is sort of your thing), you may have noticed that this month there was no Look Fantastic unboxing. I did not cancel the subscription in fact I eagerly anticipate my Look fantastic box. However this month my tracking number failed to update and finally Royal Mail posted a message saying that my Look Fantastic box contained banned substances and was subsequently destroyed. Seriously. I cropped the tracking number and personal details out but here is the message.

I don’t know why I find that amusing. i went to look on the Look Fantastic Website to see what the sneak peeks were and didn’t see anything that might have been the cause of its destruction.

I contacted customer service and after expressing bafflement of their own, they are looking into it. I’ll keep you posted. I just find it somewhat humorous.

Given the events of today there is no makeup review. I can’t wear makeup at the dentist’s office. It is just not a good idea. Not wearing lipstick makes sense but even face products take a hit so in general I go bare faced to the dentist. Also I squeeze my eyes shut while he’s working which is never good for mascara. And so the dentist visit makeup ban. Whatever your day holds I hope it goes well. As for me, I’m thinking scrambled eggs for dinner tonight.

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