A Peel off Clay Mask for Friday

I am not always a fan of peel off masks. There are a few that I like, but for the most part they seem to traumatize the skin with few benefits. I always have high hopes for them because I like the thought of not having to rinse off the mask at the end. I am however a huge fan of the clay mask, even with the washing up. In fact there are very few clay masks that I have tried that I have not liked.

The only issue is that they are often messy.

This month in my April Glossy Box there was a French Pink Clay Pore Clearing Peel Off mask from Freeman. I like pore clearing masks and I like clay masks. If they could be combined with the lack of washing up from a peel off mask then this would be a fantastic find.

Now I have had Freeman products before. They are offered for sale at Target (among other places) are relatively inexpensive and generally fun. In fact that is how I usually think of Freeman products. They are generally fun. They are sht sort of thing you use for a group sleep over because they are good for almost everyone. I’ve never had a lot of major skin care benefits from them though. They are fun to use but I have never used them and then thought, wow my skin is fabulous I really need to keep this on hand.

But I am willing to confess that I have not used everything by them so at some point I may find something wow in their product line. And really a Peel off Clay mask is something I find appealing. So I put it onto my face and then lay down to wait. I was going to light candles and put on music, but I didn’t. Instead I ended up falling asleep.

It has been a long week and I should have known better than to lay down, still I did.

red with not much pore clearing

The mask was completely dry when I went to the bathroom to take it off. I haven’t used a peel off mask for a while and let me tell you, this hurt coming off. Admittedly that could be because I left it on too long. It could also be because I haven’t used a peel off mask in a while and am no longer used to them. Because it was completely dry it came off in more or less one sheet. so while somewhat painful it was easy to remove.

While my skin was red it was from the action of pulling, not from any chemical irritation. I will say though that there was really no pore clearing that I could see. My skin was soft but I think it was partially because the mask ripped out a bunch of fine hairs more than any actual skin care properties. I think in general this falls into the fun category and not in the category where I expect actual skincare benefits out of it. Freeman did not impress. If I am going to go with a peel off mask, I’m probably going to go with the Hey Honey Take off the Drama Peeling mask, it may have hurt when peeling off but the skincare benefits were unmistakable. This was not worth the pain.


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