The Nadine West Clothing Subscription Service: May box

Recently I realized that a lot of my clothes, especially the summer outfits in my closet, were getting a bit worn looking.  I meant to do a big clear out and do a mass shopping last spring, but 2020 sort of had other plans.  I’ve also realized that as I have spent a lot more time working at home on my own, I have the tendency to wear the same outfits repeatedly.  I wear them, they go in the wash, I return them to the closet and then the following week I wear the same outfits again. 

How the items arrived

It has caused a lot of wear in the garments I favor and, quite frankly it is a little bit boring.  So I decided I needed some new things to wear. And we all know how much I love subscription services.  So clothing subscriptions seemed like a no brainer. 

The issue was finding one that carried clothing in my size.

And I found one that did and that was Nadine West.  It is also one of the least expensive clothing subscriptions around.  Each month you are charged $9.78 and they ship the items to you.  There is a return label and it all goes pretty smoothly. 

Or at least it has so far.  Last month was my first box so this is box number two.  While Nadine West does not have a person you can call to talk to, they do have a review form that you can fill out letting them know about what you liked and didn’t like about each item.  I suspect it will take a few months before they start to figure me out. 

For my first month, they sent 6 items.  I thought this was standard, but this month they sent fourteen. The bag was stuffed to almost bursting. when I mailed it back I used extra packing tape as reinforcement. I have to admit, I was pretty thrilled at the thought of so many options.  As I found one dress in the first box that I liked enough to keep in my first box, I thought for sure that I would find several items in this one, especially since there were so many options. 

The bracelet I kept

I’ll go ahead and spoil the results and tell you I only kept one item and it was a bracelet.  Not what I signed up to the subscription for, but I did like it.  So let’s look at the items.  I apologize for laying them out on the bed again, but most of them didn’t fit me. There could be no try on as most of the items were so ill fitting. The worst in the fit department were the pants. 

This month Nadine sent three pair of pants.  One was a set of jeggings which were very long in the leg and very, very tight in the waist. The second was a pair of dress slacks which looked nice but were small enough that they couldn’t be buttoned or zipped.  The leggings with the slashes up the front of the legs fit well but the legs were tight enough that my skin looked like it was going to pop through the slits.  Sort of like those tubes of biscuits.  It wasn’t a good look. 

By contrast the two dresses were huge.  They were also shapeless sacks of cloth. I have never put on garments that made me look so shapeless and dumpy before. 

There were no darts or attempts of any sort to add any kind of fit.  They were just large cloth sacks.  In theory I could have found a belt and belted them, however because there was no attempt at a shape, the front of the dresses were about three inches shorter than the back of the dresses, because apparently I have more breast then rump and it just made me feel lopsided. The material was soft and the dresses were the sort of material that I like to hang out in at home in the summer, but they needed a lot more work. Some darts or a single gather in the front would have done a world of goo where these dresses were concerned.

There were three shirts that I had high hopes for.  All three were soft material and something I could easily wear for working at my desk or running around town.  Two were the exact same style in a button down with cuffed three quarter sleeves.  The material was butter soft and I really liked that one was black and white while the other was a vibrant yellow.  Unfortunately the buttons gaped horribly in the bust and the shoulders were a little too tight.  Once size up and they would have been perfect. 

I had the same issue with the A symmetric black and white striped shirt as well.  It fit well through the chest, but the lower half, which looks as though it is designed to swing freely and hid the tummy, clung to my body, illuminating parts I do not wish to illuminate.  While an extra incentive to do sit ups and crunches, it is not a shirt I really want to wear in public.

They sent two jewelry items, the earrings and necklace I didn’t care for but the simple knot bracelet I ended up keeping.  The wool scarf was sent back as were the socks.  I actually liked the socks but at the moment, my sock drawer is well stocked.

While a lot of the clothing was in a style I would wear, at least for work, nothing seemed to fit.  And I realized why as I packed it back up and put it in the bag. 

With clothing in the upper size, they give you a range for the sizing. Most of the items were on the lower end of my set range and therefore didn’t fit comfortably.  The two dresses that were huge on me and fit like circus tents, were on the upper range of my size selection.  I think I am actually somewhat in the middle of the two ranges at the moment.  So for me fit might be an issue for the next few months. 

I am happy that someone seems to have read the comments from the first box and is taking things into consideration as I was much more pleased with the styling of this box than I was with the first. The colors patterns and items in general were much better than last month and my initial box. While I didn’t keep any of the items this month, that fact does give me a lot of hope that I am on a good track with Nadine West.  As a reminder, I chose this subscription, partially because they had my size available as an option, which many subscriptions didn’t and because I needed a combination of clothes I could wear working at my desk and for casual summer wear.

At the moment casual and comfortable are the aim as those are the pieces I have worn out and need to replace. The clothes I wear to go out didn’t see much in terms of wear this past year. Comfortable and Casual seems to be Nadine West’s strong suit. At least from what I have been sent. If the sizing were a little better I would be well on my way to fluffing out my summer wardrobe.  As it is I am filling out my feedback form with as much detail as possible and hoping that June is when the fates will align.  This month at least I ended up with a nice bracelet.  The bracelet was $14.99, however my styling fee went towards the cost. While I’m happy about the bracelet, I have my fingers crossed for a few new summertime themed outfits. Fingers crossed.


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