The Daily: May 26th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope all has gone well for you today. It has been a busy one for me. Luckily with the exception of the gym it has been one where I was on my own.

The gym was the only time I came face to face with people today. every other interaction has been via phone or e-mail. Which is very nice today as I am somewhat allergic. There are so many particulates floating through the air right now that to even guess which one is bothering me would be like spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

But go to the gym I did. I went through the Wednesday work out and I even increased the number of reps by a set. As today targeted my thighs especially I suspect when I wake up tomorrow morning I will be doing a little bit of hobbling. I am always creaky the morning after increasing the workouts. But allergies or not I did them.

And then I came home and turned on our air purifying unit. At first it sounds kind of loud and then it becomes white noise that can easily be ignored. I also used one of my favorite allergy season tricks as well.

With allergies, for me anyway, the puffy and itchy eyes are the worst. My sinus medicine takes care of a lot of it, but it leaves me a little groggy and my eyes still a little puffy, so this is where the under eye masks come into their own. My babydoll calls them my allergy commas. while I generally like under eye masks, I mostly pick them up and save them for this time of year. My current favorite are the Grave and Stella Energizing eye masks. They are cool, refreshing, depuffing and help wake me up a bit. I stocked up on them back in February when I thought Spring was right around the corner. Now, even though I am preparing for summer purchases (I know a little late) I am finally bringing out the Spring necessities. And Grace and Stella Eye Masks are definitely on the list. They are also good if you know you have to read through a boring document on the computer. I tend to popl them on while working at my desk.

So today, it was the eye masks and not makeup that made my look. Since my one time out of the house and around people today was the gym where I was super sweaty, I decided that I would just skip the makeup and spend some time with the eye patches instead.

I am in not associated with the brand at all and because they didn’t have these eye masks on their website I picked them up on Amazon so the link will take you to Amazon if you click it. I don’t know why they aren’t up on the site and I really hope they aren’t discontinued as they are such a fantastic product. And I’ll be honest, while I am trying not to stock up on discontinued makeup items, make no mistake if these are discontinued I will be stocking up on them and if necessary stashing them in the fridge to help extend their shelf life.There are other eye masks that I like, but these really are at the top of my list at this time of year. Fingers crossed they are soon to come back to the site.

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