The One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Palette

For the past week or so I have been using the One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Palette. I did my best to use every shade and to try them in multiple ways. This palette came to me in an IPSY Glam Bag X and I have to say, I would not have purchased this on my own. And that is because it looks kind of boring to me. Most of the shades are ones I already have multiples of and the pop of color is a bright blue that i would never really use. I’m just not a fan of blue eyeshadow.

Bad 1980s memories I guess.

This is nothing against Patrick Starr. I actually like him quite a bit.

However even though I wouldn’t normally purchase this palette, I had it now, so I put it to the test. The first thing you may notice about the palette is that it looks like I have tilted the photo. that is because the bottom edge of the palette is slanted. It slants in the opposite way as the cover of the palette so there are two points on the corners. This is either going to be a non-issue or it is going to really annoy me in the future. I store my palettes standing up so that I can see their spines, like books, except horizontally in a drawer rather than vertically across a shelf. The points will either cause it to stand in a stable way and be something I don’t think about or they will gt crumpled and really bother me. I have no idea which way that will lean. Only time will determine that.

L to R: Manila Sands, Taupe of my Game, Brownie, Suede Charm, Turban Legend

So to the first row of shadows. The top row is a mix of cool and warm neutrals and a black shade. Manila Sands, Taupe of my Game and Suede Charm applied beautifully. They were very pigmented and easy to work with. Exciting, no. Useful neutrals, yes. If I didn’t already have multiples of these shades, I would love them. They are great to have in any collection. Brownie was still highly pigmented but a little patchy. Turban Legend was not as pigmented as everything else and very patchy when applied. I really had to work with this shade. It surprised me given the ease of all of the other shadows. There is a lot of fall out from these shades so either do your eyes before face when reaching for this palette or use some sort of shielding technique as there will be fall out.

L to R: Titleholder, Soft Serve, Everything, Olive It, Blue Mon Dieu

The second row again applied fairly well. The bright blue of Blue Mon Dieu had the same patchiness issue as the black of Turban Legend. It was harder to work with than the others and was more of a buildable formula than a highly pigmented one. The other matte in this row, Soft Serve was a beautiful neutral that wa highly pigmented and worked well. It was a shade I could use as a one and done easily and repeatedly. The other three shades in this row are shimmers. They are surprisingly pigmented and apply well and easily with a brush. The gold of titleholder and the pink of everything are pretty standard shades. Olive it was unexpected and one of the few shades I don’t have elsewhere. I really liked it. It was unusual, but wearable. the shimmers do leave a trail of glitter down the sides of your nose by the end of the day though. There is quite a bit of fall out from them.

L to R: Mango, Booked, Walnut Strut, Matcha, Rebel Gray

In the final third dow the three mattes Mango, Booked and Matcha were highly pigmented and super easy to work with. I don’t have a shade like Matcha and it was nice to see that greenish shade. I’m not sure how often I would wear it, but I do like it. Walnut strut is a shimmer and is a lovely copper tone. You know how I love coppers. It has the same fall out as the other shimmers, as does Rebel Gray. Despite the fall out, if there is one color that will keep me opening this palette it is the Rebel Gray. I really liked how it applied and how it looked. It was the stand out winner of this palette to be honest.

And that is actually where the issue lies for me with this palette. The formulas, with the notable exception of Turban Legend and Blue Mon Dieu, are really good and really easy to work with. There are three shades I don’t have in any other palette. I don’t wear a lot of green shadows because they tend to make me look a little jaundiced, so I’m not sure how often i would reach for those two shades. There is one shade I fell in love with. Everything else in the palette I have in other palettes. This is a palette I will reach for when i want to use Rebel Gray. I will either end up deciding I want to add the shade to a look I am creating with an otherwise matte palette or i will decide it is a Rebel Gray kind of day and pull the palette out, using the other colors simply because they are there.

While I have been known to keep palettes because I fell in love with one shade, I think that how long I keep this palette may be dependant on how often I reach for the Rebel Gray. If asked now if I would buy this palette, I would have to say i would look for Rebel Gray in a single shadow and give the rest of the palette a pass. There is nothing really wrong with it, but there is also nothing very spectacular about it either.

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