Sand and Sky for Face Mask Friday

Today’s face mask is one that I have used many times in the past and will no doubt use many times in the future. I have gone through several of the small tubes as well as many of the larger, full sized containers. It is a clay mask that always makes me feel refreshed after using it.

I really like the Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay mask. First of all, I like most clay masks. Clay masks are just my happy place. This one is one I like when I feel just a little bit greasy from sweating, but don’t have a lot of major clogged pores or breakouts to worry about. It helps to kind of close down the appearance of my pores, but is less intense than some of my clearing masks.

At the moment my skin is looking really nice. I’ve had fewer breakouts and I personally feel my skin looks great. Plus as strange as this sounds, I don’t want to use something like the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Clearing Mask today because it will bring things to the surface. I just want a mask that makes my skin feel cleansed and hydrated while shrinking my pores. I didn’t need a deep cleanse.

Mostly because I am actually going out tonight.

I know, Leaving the house. For social reasons. Squee!

Can you feel the excitement?

My babydoll and I have been invited to a barbeque. I had to laugh when I received the invitation. It was just kind of amusing. it wasn’t just a, Hey we are having a Memorial Day weekend kick off barbeque, wanna come? sort of invite.

Almost dry… soon I can change facial expressions again

Oh no. It was more like…

Hey, we decided to have a barbeque because no one is really traveling for memorial day. It will be outside in the yard and on the back porch and including you two there will only be about six people and everyone invited has been vaccinated.

It was the first time I’ve been invited to a social event with so many specific notations.

Well, there was this one time where I attended a family thing where no one was allowed to mention that one of my seconds cousins was getting divorced because her husband slept with her business partner and they wanted to get through their son’s fourth birthday party before the divorce went down.

But that’s family.

And no one asked about my vaccine status.

But beyond that, it is a night out with friends. I am so looking forward to it. So today’s mask, was chosen in part because of that. It is a mask that will clean out my pores but not go deep enough to cause any clogged pores to rise. It will make my skin feel good and me feel fresh and ready to socialize.

The Sand and Sky mask goes on like any other clay mask. I highly recommend a silicon masking brush. the one i am currently using is from Cosmedix. I like it because it has a curved edge to it so I can get everything covered more easily without poking myself in the eye. The masking brush also keeps everything neat.

Although it does sound a bit extra, if you use a lot of masks, I highly suggest picking one up. You can get them relatively inexpensively in pretty much any place that sells skin care tools. I saw a boat load of them at TJMAXX last time I ventured through their doors. And even though it sounds a bit extra, the time it saves you in clean up post masking makes it so worth it.

This mask lightens as it dries and even though it says ten to fifteen minutes i like to make sure that it is actually dry. I try for a thin even layer of mask, but my cheeks always take a little longer to dry. Once the mask turns a uniform gray then I loosen it with a little water rubbed into it and then wash it off. It does take a little bit of rinsing to get it all off, but in the end the skin is clean, smooth and fabulously refreshed.

I really like this mask actually.

I’d like to say that I lay back and relaxed while wearing it, but I made the mistake of checking my e-mail just after I put it on, thinking I’d make sure there were no emergencies before i relaxed with the mask.

It turned out there was an emergency.

I dealt with it and then removed the mask. Now I feel ready to face the rest of the afternoon and then, oh yes my darlings, then it is time to socialize. With real people. Who don’t live with me. It’s a great way to kick off memorial day weekend. I plan to enjoy it fully and completely. I also plan to take the next few days off. So Monday there will be no posts, but Tuesday i will be back, bright and early. I hope you have a great weekend.

Incidentally if you are looking for a really good deep cleansing clay mask the Chamomile and Cacao clay clearing mask from Herbal Dynamics Beauty is one of my absolute favorites. And at the moment they have memorial day sales going on. You might want to check them out.

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Herbal Dynamics Beauty

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