Using the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner duo

Zent’s very kindly sent over their Shampoo and Conditioner set for me to try out and review.  While I initially posted my first impressions of the set, I am now about half way through the products and wanted to give you an update and a little bit more of how I feel about these products. 

The Shampoo in the set is Mandarin and the Conditioner is Water. If you look at the website you will see the description is…

Warming & Exotic
ginger, mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, vanilla bean

Refreshing & Renewing
blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, mint, anise

Discover our clean, spa-grade hair care. Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner boost lustre, enhance body, and give hair a dose of hydrating organic shea butter. Ideal for all hair types, the formulas are color-safe, sulfate-free, and paraben free.

Balancing Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner 

Our Shampoo and Conditioner, as with our entire collection of products, are sulfate free.


Sulfate and paraben free is something that always makes me happy to see on the label.  They are both harsh on hair and can strip away some of the natural moisture that your hair needs to stay soft an healthy. There are many discussions about their potential cancer risks, but for more on that, you may want to go to someone with more medical knowledge than myself.  I do know that when I use shampoos with parabens and sulfates I tend to have to use a lot more leave in conditioners so that my hair looks its best. With sulfate and paraben free products, I tend to use a lot less additional product.

One thing I find interesting about this shampoo and conditioner set is the scent.  Zents caries the scents of its products through an entire line.  So you can get Mandarin Shampoo, body lotion, bath truffles and eau de Toilettes all with the same scent. In addition to testing out this shampoo and conditioner, I have been working through a sample collection of their Eau de toilettes.  I have in fact tested both the Water and the Mandarin Eau de Toilettes.

With the Eau de Toilettes, the scents are unsurprisingly, more intense than in the shampoo and conditioner.  In addition they are somewhat less complex.  For example, with the Mandarin the Shampoo gives me a fresh orange scent.  I am certain the spice notes are there because if it were just the Mandarin alone I feel it would smell a lot sweeter.  However my nose can’t pick them out in the shower.  It is partially because it is such a light scent that quickly dissipates. 

The scent is actually quite nice in how it works.  When the product is dispensed from the pump there is little scent.  The scent grows a little stronger when applied to wet hair and then the scent falls away with the suds and the rinse water.  For anyone overly sensitive to scent I would highly recommend checking this shampoo and conditioner set for that alone.

As a last comment about scent, the Mandarin Bath Truffles have the same complexity of scent as the Eau De toilette, but are let intense.  On the scent spectrum, they are midway between the shampoo and the eau de Toilette.

But as much as I can go on and on (and on) about scent, scent isn’t the only reason you us a shampoo and conditioner. They have to work.  And these products do work. With the shampoo I generally find I need two pumps from the bottle to deal with my hair.  I have a lot of hair and it is pretty thick. 

Interestingly, I have been doing a lot more working out.  Which causes a lot of sweat.  And to be honest we are going into the summer time and I live in Tennessee.  Even without the working out, summer is sweaty.  So often my hair needs a bit of a deep clean.  While I still use a once a week hair mask, my shampoo needs to work or I will just look greasy no matter how much dry shampoo I use.

Normally shampoos have a recommendation of lather rinse and if necessary repeat.  Zents had a different notice. 

Apply to wet hair. Lather and work shampoo completely through the hair and scalp. For additional cleansing power, allow product to remain on hair for two to three minutes before rinsing.


I came home from the gym a big sweaty mess (on a number of occasions) and instead of the lather rinse repeat, I tried this.  It really worked.  I applied the product to my hair, knew that one wash wasn’t going to cut it so I left the shampoo in for two minutes while I shaved my legs, and then rinsed it out.

The extra time on my hair did the trick.  All the sweat washed out, no additional product was needed and my hair felt clean without being stripped.  I have to admit, I clicked on the tips section of the shampoo description thinking ‘seriously, what tip are they going to have? It’s shampoo.’ I am so glad I clicked on that. I got better results with no additional product. 

I am also amazed at how little product I really need.  It is making the products last a lot longer.  Admittedly I don’t wash my hair every day.  Mostly because if I do wash my hair every day it doesn’t matter how fabulous the product is, by hair will get dried out and the ends will break. But using less means the products last longer.

I have also noticed that I have been using less leave in conditioners.  When blow drying my hair I used the Dream Cocktail from Color Wow (the Coconut infused one), but I only needed one pump. If I let my hair dry naturally I went with a light spray of The Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder. This has been primarily because I still need a little bit of a detangling spray after I wash my hair. 

While the Zents shampoo and conditioner don’t strip my hair and make it soft and healthy, my hair has just reached the length where is it going to tangle slightly no matter what I use. That is just the reality of my hair.  I don’t need a lot of the detangling spray which means that if I got my hair cut, it might not be an issue at all. 

However, I did lose my stylist in January of 2020 (she moved, she didn’t die or go MIA although the salon closed shortly after she left) and I have been trimming my bangs and ends ever since. While I have been looking for a new stylist, the reality is that in the summer time I generally just tie my hair up or pile it on the top of my head to get it out of the way.  So I will be spending the summer looking into salons, but probably not get a proper hair cut until the autumn.  My hair is just too thick to wear down in the summer time.

So with the length comes the need for the detangling spray.

But I have been using less.

I know I have talked a lot about the shampoo, but the conditioner is just as fabulous. In addition to organic shea butter, there is carrot extract and ginseng in the ingredients list.  The shea butter makes the hair soft, the carrot helps protect the hair from UV damage and the Ginseng nourishes the scalp.  All fabulous things and all leave my hair soft and silky.  I have very much enjoyed the first half of these products and am looking forward to continuing to use them.  With the small amount of product actually needed, they will last me quite a while. So for now, the test continues.

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