Unboxing the June 2021 Boxy Charm Premium

That’s right folks, it finally arrived. Between you and me I was hesitant to believe my BoxyCharm Premium would make it to me before the month was out. However, it just squeaked in at the month’s end. For those who are wondering, the image above has the Boxy Charm box with the tic-tac Box on top of it, not because there is some sort of strange collaboration going on, but because I wanted to show the size of the box.

While the Premium box is usually larger than the regular box, this month it was quite small. In fact i’ve never gotten a subscription box from Boxy Charm in a box this small before. I’ve gotten things I ordered from Add ons in this size box though.

While I find it a little strange, I’m not mad at it. I actually like the fact that they seemed to look at the items they were sending and decided the normal boxes were too big. I would rather have a smaller box where everything was packed nicely rather than a larger box where everything was just rattling around and getting banged up in transit.

For those that don’t know, Boxy Charm Premium is a tier of Boxy Charm that costs $35 per month. For a while I had all of the tiers of Boxy. I had the regular $25 box as well as the quarterly Luxe box. Ultimately I decided that the box that consistently sent me more products that I enjoyed using was the Premium category, so that is the one I went with. Occasionally there is an item featured in one of the other boxes that I like and I will end up picking it up in the Add on Store or Boxy Pop up. Thus far I have been happy with the decision. Some months have been better than others, but you get that in every subscription. I know there has been a lot of complaining lately, and I am guilty of some of it, but Over all it has been a great way for me to try new products.

This month started off interestingly actually. I received an e-mail from Boxy well before my box shipped apologizing for the repeat item in my box this month in advance. They also gave me a $12 credit in the Boxy Add on store so I could pick up an item that I wanted. I did (and then some). I think I ended up ordering about five separate items this time around.

However when my box arrived I found that the repeat item is the Wander Beauty Do not Disturb Overnight Repair Concentrate. (retail $88). While the packaging on this one is sealed I have the one I just took out of the packaging beside it. The container is lovely and although i have just started using it, I find the product lovely. (it will make it’s appearance in this Friday’s skincare line up). If I like it then I am okay with having a back up, since I don’t have a lot of night creams handy, but I might leave it packaged up and send it to my mother as I am sending a care package of goodies to her soon anyway. I like the brand Wander Beauty and I usually have pretty good success with their products, so I’m not all that miffed about the repeat. Especially since they apologized before it arrived and gave me the credit

The next item I pulled from my box this month was the Floss Cheek and Lip tint (retail$22). I have tried a Floss liquid lip before and wasn’t all that impressed. However it has been a while and this does look like a pretty good color for the cheeks. I may have to give it a whirl as a cheek product. I tend not to double up on lip and cheek products. I just don’t like to do it. Usually I’ll choose one or the other. This one I will try on the cheeks and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll try it on the lips. I like the color on my hand and really hope it works on my cheeks as I could use another cream blush.

The third Item is an eye cream from Maapilim (retail $39). It is a large size for an eye cream even if the tube does feel about half empty. eye creams are always useful, however there was a spate of eye creams that I was getting and so I have quite a few items waiting in the wings to try out. Also eye cream takes a really long time to get through since you only need so little of it. It is good to have, but i can’t say I am all that excited by it. If i look at the website and the cream excites me then, fine, but it isn’t all that exciting.

Next there is a liquid lip from Zoeva (retail $15). I have tried their eyeshadow and I like it. I am actually quite fond of the Caramel Melange Palette from Zoeva. It is more of a warm toned cool weather palette, but I will be reaching for it repeatedly in the autumn and winter. I am looking forward to trying out the formula of the liquid lip if nothing else.

Upper swatch is Floss, lower swatch is Zoeva

And now we get to the two items I chose. The first is the Natasha Denona Transformatte Pore Vanishing Matte Foundation (retail $45 – when I went to the website to get the product link I saw it is currently 50% off if you are interested, I have no affiliation and it is just a general product link). You know I love trying different foundations and this one had some magic words for me.

Namely, Pore vanishing and Matte. I’ve never really been a fan of the dewy finish. I have products to brighten a foundation if it looks too matte, but I like to be the one in charge of deciding just how off matte I want to go. I think I might have chosen my winter shade again when i chose the color, but I think I can still make it work. I think I do that consistently because last year i ended up wearing tinted moisturizers for most of the summer instead of actual foundations so I’ve gotten out of the habit of looking at summer foundation shades. And truthfully once I’ve tested the foundations that are new to me, I’ll probably go back to tinted moisturizers for the summer as they are lighter on the skin in the summer heat.

I’ll play around with it and see. if it is too bright I’ll just hold it over for when my tan fades. But I think with tinted face powder it will be fine. And then I can see how pore vanishing it really is.

Finally, we have the item I was most excited for. In choice you could choose the Marc Jacobs eye product and I think it was a variance between an eyelash primer and the mascara. I’m not entirely certain of that. it could have been two seperate mascaras. Choice was a while ago. And I was blinded by the fact that the choice gave me a 50/50 chance of getting the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara (retail $27).

For the longest time this was my go to mascara. It was the one I would re order as soon as I hit the five month mark on an open mascara (I only keep them 6 months). I only stopped ordering them because I kept getting mascaras in subscription boxes so I had a stockpile of other mascaras to try out and I couldn’t justify ordering it when I had just a pile to use.

So I stopped even though I loved it. But now it has returned to me. The struggle not to open it up right away is real. I am getting ready to purce several mascaras (as they have reached the end of their lives) but I still have several new to me mascaras I want to try. I’ll have to review what I have open and what I want to try out before deciding to open this, but I am actually quite looking forward to opening it and using it again.

So late as it was, this was my June Boxy Charm Premium. You know, I’m actually pretty happy with it. My one repeat product is one that I will either use or pass on with no issues (and they made it up with the credit). It was not overly skin care heavy which actually gives me a chance to use the skin care that I already have on hand and it included several products that i am eager to try out. I have my fingers crossed for the Floss Lip and cheek tint and I am vet excited for the new pore vanishing foundation. while I consider this box well worth my $35 as I will certainly use most if not all of the items, the full retail value of the box is $216 so there is little cause to complain on that account either. In the end, even with the repeat item, this was a pretty good box for me.

Gro-To Skin Care

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