Viseart Petit Pro Palette Deux

Viseart Professional makeup has been one of those brands I have always been interested in. A while back I received an all Matte Palette Viseart palette in a Boxy Charm and I really enjoyed the shadows. They were buttery soft and highly pigmented. Still even knowing that they were good shadows, the palettes seemed a bit expensive. The small folding palettes like this Petit Pro Deux seemed adorable, but even more over priced due to the size.

I decided that since I knew the formula of the mattes was good, I would just wait until the mini palettes went on sale and then splurge on a product. Lucky for me, this Viseart Petit Pro Deux was a choice selection in an IPSY Plus bag. This let me pick up one of the palettes, test out the shimmer formulas and if I decided to pick up more, I could feel confident in the formulas and simply worry about colors.

There are eight shadows in this palette, four mattes and four shimmers. The top row are the mattes and the bottom row are the shimmers. Pretty simple right?

L to R: Petal, Nectar, Honeysuckle, Foxglove

The mattes are well chosen for a simple traveling eyeshadow palette, which this one really is. This is the sort of palette, that you grab when you are going away for the weekend and want something compact and trustworthy. The shadow formula is relatively highly pigmented with little fall out and they blend well without becoming muddy. Foxglove on it’s own is a nice purple shade however layered over Honeysuckle it becomes almost black. Used separately Honeysuckle is a nice warm brown that can be deepened or lightened as needed. The bright pop of Nectar works well under both honey suckle and Foxglove as well as nicely on it’s own. Petal is great for lightening up the inner corners. I can’t wear Petal on its own as it disappears on my skin, but I imagine if you have darker skin it would be a nice brightening shade that could be used for a one and done look. All of the mattes pair well with the shimmers.

L to R: Primrose, Clove, Cosmos and Aster

The shimmers are interesting. They are butter soft and if applied with a dry brush they are very light and delicate, a mere subtle glimmer. If you damp down the brush before application or apply with a damp fingertip, the shimmers are stunning. They play well with all of the mattes and look great on their own.

Is this a revolutionary palette? No. The colors are not ones I haven’t seen elsewhere. They are however grouped logically so that when you look at the palette a couple of looks immediately spring to mind making it easy to use. This is not a palette you pick up and then have to study for a while before you can figure out what to do with it. It is very easy to use.

While the different colors work well together and can be blended to create different looks it has a limited amount of versatility. This is a palette you can pack in a bag and know that you will have reliable work looks that you can also make pop for after hours. In addition it’s folding design not only protects the shadows during travel, but it also keeps any potential spillage inside the palette and not all over your makeup bag.

I think this is a good palette. I think it is a bit overpriced, but I also think this is something I would splurge on because I am confident in how the formulas work. They apply well and stay on all day. I am very happy to have this in my collection and will seriously look at some of the others for potential additions. While these colors lean more towards neutral day looks, I am certain there are other brighter palettes in their collection. I am confident in their shadow formula and if the arrangement of colors in the other palettes is as good as they are in this one I would certainly consider making it a splurge purchase.


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