Reviewing the Glamglow Mattifying 6 Acid Clarifying Primer

For a little over a week I have been using the Glamglow Supermattify 6 Acid Clarifying Primer.  I picked it up because it looked interesting.  It is a putty primer in what is basically an oversized compact.  It has a gray tint to the primer in the pan, primarily due to the charcoal in the primer and I wondered how the gray tint would work with the skin during application.  Plus, in the summer oil control is kind of a sought after element. So I thought I would give it a try.

According to the Glam Glow Website, this $42 primer is…

A lightweight oil-control primer for acne-prone skin that instantly mattifies and helps keep shine in check all day, so makeup looks on point.

All day oil control, Minimizes and blurs pores, and Hydrates

The Super 6 Acid Blend helps keep the complexion clear. The Charcoal and Oil-balancing clay provide instant and all-day shine control, absorbs excess oils and blurs skin imperfections. And the hyaluronic acid delivers a dose of weightless all-day hydration while helping makeup look fresh.

the compact

All of the claims sound like ones I would enjoy.  My skin loves Hyaluronic acid and alsways does well when it is involved, and given the heat and humidity here anything oil control that won’t break me out is a plus.  And so I tried the primer out.  I used it with several different foundations and foundation products ranging from medium coverage to tinted moisturizer.  While I do have a full coverage foundation ibn my collection, this time of year I never reach for it and quite frankly I forgot it was there until I finished testing out the primer.

First off, this primer is a putty primer and has the same consistency as a putty primer.  The gray disappears into the skin once you apply it so it doesn’t make your skin look gray.  However I did notice that I had to put the primer everywhere.  Typically I apply primer in my t-zone making certain that my nose and under the eyes are covered as well as the chin.  Then I blend it out towards the edges of my face.  I figure if the product mostly covers the areas where my pores show the most then I can live with it not covering every millimeter of skin. 

This is a great way to use a product like the ELF Putty Primer. It gets the job done and doesn’t use a ton of product.  In addition to using the product longer, it means I only use the product I needed.  With the Glam Glow the primer didn’t seem to go as far and I ended up using more.  It had good pore blurring capacity if it wasn’t blended out a lot, but as it blended out it lost a lot of that blurring effect.  The best way to apply it was to tap it into place more than blending it out.  As a result it used a lot more product. 

product at the end of the trial

You can see in the image how much product ended up being used in roughly nine days of use. That being said, once it was in place, it worked well.  My pores were blurred in the places I wanted it blurred and oil was definitely controlled. 

However I did notice that the foundation I used mattered.  Wearing a matte foundation with this product tended to make me look too dry.  However the primer worked really well with any product that has a slight glow effect to it.  For example the QMS Active Glow Tinted Moisturizer.  It is actually a really good formula that works well with my skin, but because it has a slight shine to it, I tend to reach for it in the cooler months when I need to brighten up my skin.  In the summer time it can just make me look a little greasy.

By putting the mattifying primer underneath, it actually toned down some of the shine so that I did look slightly glowy rather than greasy.  It simply is too mattifying under a matte foundation.

If you look in the ingredients list you will see it is a silicone based primer (as opposed to a water or oil one) so pair up your products accordingly for best results.  Remember silicone goes with silicone and can break down more easily if you try to pair it with water. In addition, look for non-mattifying foundations.

primer under a glowy foundation product at the end of the day

I did notice that my skin was a little drier after several days of using this primer so that is something to watch out for.  My skin tends to balance in the murky world sometimes ineptly referred to as Normal.  Which means that in the summer I lean towards oily but am not super oily and in the winter I lean towards dry but am not usually super dry.  I am at my oiliest now in my skin zone rotation and I think that I am just on the edge of being able to use this product.  If my skin were any drier then I think I would have problems with it.  I think if I had more oily skin, I would love it more. 

I suspect that once summer ends, I will have to put this primer in the drawer and leave it there for the winter. Once my skin starts transitioning in the autumn, this primer will simply dry me out too much.  For the summer though, it does what it claims.  It mattifies, it blurs pores and it didn’t cause any blemishes. Just remember, you might need more product than you originally thought and you will need to pat it into place more than blend it out. 

For the final question, would I buy this Glamglow Primer again?  I doubt it.  It works well but it is a product that I can only use in one season.  Given how much product needs to be used it would probably be used up in a season so that it wouldn’t hang around, but it is a bit pricy for such limited use.  If I had year round oily skin, I could see myself repurchasing it.  I have several really good primers that work well at blurring out pores that I can use year round and just give an extra pat of powder to when I get a little shiny mid-day. 

Would I use this again?  Definitely.  It is a good product, for me however it isn’t going to become a staple makeup item.

Huda Beauty

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