Snacktime: Chomps Jalapeno Beef Stick

This beef stick was part of an eight piece variety pack sent over to me by Chomps for the purpose of review. As I’m sure most of you know at this point, the afternoon snack is an integral part of keeping me on track for my calorie count. While I don’t follow a specific diet plan I basically balance calories and exercise. It is a slow process but when I focus it works well for me. Occasional things like stress eating and special events send me off the rails a bit, but for me I viewed it as creating a sustainable eating pattern for my body rather than going on a diet.

For me, snacks are integral because one small snack eaten around two in the afternoon each day makes me feel satisfied, it makes me feel like I have had some sort of treat, and it keeps me from making my dinner portion just a little bit larger.

Portion size has been the thing I consistently wrestle with.

The Variety pack

Snacks help me keep to that portion control.

As long as they are the right snacks. The Chomps sticks fall into the category of ‘the right snacks’ This particular Jalapeno Beef Stick contains 9 g of protein and has only 90 calories. There is also zero sugar and the beef is both grass fed and finished.

For those wondering what the difference is between grass fed and grass finished, I found a really well put explanation on the website for Verde Farms. You can click on the link to read the whole article. I have no association with them, I just like the concise explanation they give, which is…

Simply put, grass-finished beef comes from cattle that ate nothing but grass and forage for their entire lives. Grass-fed, on the other hand, may be used to label meat from cattle that were started on a grass diet but have either received supplemental grain feed or are finished on a fully grain-based diet

Verde Farms

Sometimes it’s best to check definitions. And while this does come from someone who sells beef, the same information is available elsewhere, this was just concise.

One thing I really like with variety packs is that you get to taste a bunch of different types to see which ones you might want to order. It has been interesting actually. Last week I tried the Salt and Pepper Venison which was okay but not my favorite. My babydoll has however declared it his favorite so a box will end up being ordered for his snacks. I think he delighted with the thought of a pack of snacks that he doesn’t have to share.

Interior (the green is a Jalapeno bit)

With this one, I think it is a pack that I am not going to have to share. He took a bite to taste and declared that he still prefered the peppery bite of the Venison Stick. I took a bite and decided not to share the rest of it. I love jalapenos. Right now I have about twelve jalapeno plants in the garden and they are just beginning to produce peppers. Soon I will have jalapenos in the corn muffins, and there will be a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread (heavier on the jalapenos than the cheddar) on my counter. By the end of the summer both pickled jalapeno slices and candied jalapeno slices will be in my fridge and cupboard.

So I am a fan of the jalapeno.

This strikes just the right balance of beef and pepper. It has distinct pepper bits in the mix, which I really like, and it does had a hit of heat to it as one would expect. But it is not overpowering. It melds with the beef so that it is a beef stick with jalapeno rather than just jalapeno heat with a touch of beef. I found it really well balanced. The meat, while lean, was not too lean so it wasn’t dry. And sometimes if you go too lean when mixing with jalapenos the texture can get a bit mushy. this did not. It had the right snap to the outside and a good texture within. I think of the flavors I have tasted this far, this may actually be my favorite. I have two more in the box to try out, but this is definitely the one to beat. And since my baby doll wasn’t as enthused with this one, it means that when we order, I will have a snack box just for myself.

Build your own Chomps Custom Variety Pack and save 10%


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