The Daily: August 5th, 2021

Oh my darlings what a day. There was no gym. There was no makeup. There was me fighting with my computer. I think I might have actually threatened it a couple of times. I know, threatening inanimate objects doesn’t actually do any good. but it does make me feel better.

A little bit anyway.

It would make me feel better if the problem were actually fixed. this far it has resisted all attempts at correction. At this point frustration is high and the best thing I can do is attempt to stop fixing it, let someone else try and figure out what is wrong and just breathe. While I can’t access my photos on the desktop I can access them on my I-pad. Which is interesting. So I will be bouncing between my i-pad for photos and my desk top for text until this issue is resolved. So things may look a little wonky for a bit. Hopefully not too long.

I know yesterday I said I was almost back on schedule and looking forward to a couple of quiet work days to finish out the week, but I didn’t think it would trigger an incident. I should have known better in retrospect, but alas, I taunted the gods of chaos and am now repenting the thought of scheduling.

Some day I will learn.

Perhaps today. Perhaps today is the day I learn never to claim that I am on schedule.

Because as I have spent most of the day fighting with my computer I am once again behind. Luckily for me the report I filed this morning had the text and images saved in two separate files. The graphics designers wanted them that way. Which was kind of a life saver this morning. You go graphics team! I know you only did it so you could control formatting, but it helped me out anyway.

And yes, I am actually considering that to be today’s victory. Some days, you take what you can get. And now, as I have finished fighting with the computer and plan to let someone else fight with it later, I am going to go to the gym and walk some of my frustrations out on the treadmill. Personally, I think that might actually be the best use of my remaining afternoon. It will certainly put me in a better frame of mind.

I hope your Thursday is going much better than mine. If not, just remember, deep breaths, there is a solution in there somewhere, even if you have to get creative with the tech. And if all else fails, step away for a breather and possibly call in back up. That’s my best advice.

And now, with back up called, I am stepping away.

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