This Afternoon…

Good afternoon my darlings. Usually now is when I would look over my face masks and look forward to sharing whatever option I chose for my fifteen minutes of Friday relaxation. I would then start to cook my designated happy hour treat or Friday Night dinner.

Alas, today it is not meant to be.

My babydoll had a bit of sinus issue yesterday and today it has blown up into a full blown cold with possible sinus infection. This afternoon he managed to get an appointment with his doctor and we will be leaving soon. Hopefully returning with some antibiotics for his sinus infection. He is sneezy and puffy so it is best if I drive, hence the two person doctor’s visit.

And no face mask.

Dinner will be chicken soup for him, should he feel the need to eat anything and not just sleep the evening away, and I am going for left overs. I roasted a chicken on Wednesday so I might just pull some of the meat off and make a chicken salad sandwich for dinner.

Which I am actually looking forward to quite a bit. This time when I roasted my chicken I remembered to take the time to brine it the night before. It’s mostly a matter of timing actually. The chicken has to be taken out of the freezer in time to thaw before it is put in the overnight brine. When I remember to do that, every part of the chicken comes out succulent and moist. If you have never brined chicken, I highly recommend it.

Basic Brine is super simple.

Add Salt to slightly warm water in a ratio of 1 Tablespoon to each cup of water.

Make sure you have enough water to submerge your bird in.

Once the salt is dissolved in the water, let the water cool and add in the chicken. I tend yo use smaller chickens and use a large ziplock bag. Since I don’t trust the bag not to leak I put the bag in a bowl. At this stage you can add some aromatics if you want. I added as stalk of rosemary that I mangled to release the oils and some lemon peel (I also mangled the peel a bit to release the lemon oils.)

Then place the bag with the chicken in the fridge over night.

the next day, take of out of the brine, discarding all but the chicken. Pat the bird dry and then roast as you normally would.

It makes a world of difference.

And it will make a fantastic sandwich.

It will be a quiet night at our house, but quiet is not a bad thing. I’m hopeful that my babydoll will get a bit of extra sleep. As for me, I am working my way through the series Evil on Paramount +. That and Why Women Kill are rapidly becoming two of my favorite shows. I’m also eagerly anticipating the release of the new season of American Horror Story. This season is called Double Feature and comes out on Hulu on August 26th I believe. It looks like it is going to be a good season from the previews I’ve seen. I can hardly wait. Plus when it does come out it will help me slow down with the Why Women Kill. I love the series but the end of the season is fast approaching so I am trying to spread out the watching so that I don’t gobble it all down in one sitting.

Although tonight, it will probably be a binge fest.

It’s just that kind of night.

Still right now, it is off to the doctor and then to the pharmacy. Fingers crossed that is all that is needed.

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