Glossy Box August 2021

Good morning my darlings. That’s right , it is an unboxing. I know, you are thinking, that we already covered the unboxings for the month. However there are two remaining. At least for me. This is one of those two, Glossy box was a little late this month, although not as late as it was last month. Of course last month, Look Fantastic was early and this month I just got the tracing e-mail on Saturday saying that it should be here by the 30th. But that is another story. My Glossy box has arrived.

An it was heavy this month.

The reason for the weight was soon apparent, but we’ll get to that momentarily.

Glossy Box is a $21 per month subscription. If you subscribe for a year, like I do then it is $18. You can still pay monthly or you can pay in one lump sum. I always find it worth the $18. I don’t always find it to be worth the $21, but it is always worth the $18. Well that’s not entirely true. Some months are super fantastic. Last month was okay and this month, well its a little surprising.

If you are interested in this box you can get it for $16 with the code DISCO16.

This month is Glossy Box’s 10th Birthday month. Last year they had a specially designed box for their birthday and I remember the box being absolutely fantastic.

This month the box was late and I just figured that it was because they were up to something special. The box was the normal pink and black box, which I happen to find aesthetically pleasing so there are no complaints.

So what was inside of this Birthday box?

Well the first item was what made it so heavy. It is a full size of the Cetaphil Sheer Hydration Replenishing Daily Lotion (retail $9.99). It is a good brand, I have used it before. if you have really dry skin then it may be good for you. I like the feel and moisture of it when I used the moisturizer (face), but am not a huge fan of the scent. Perhaps this will be better in a body lotion. My babydoll will use the lotion though, so it won’t go to waste and it is nice to have a full size. As I have a box of body lotions I am working through, I don’t really get overly excited about body lotion but it is nice. And quite heavy.

The second item in the box this month was from Hask. It is a packet of the Karatin Smoothing Deep Conditioner. I periodically pick up Hask Masks from the grocery store and I have used a shampoo and conditioner from the brand before. I don’t think it was this one though. They are good products. There is enough conditioner for several uses so I will have to put it into a glass container.

I find it is the only way not to make a mess with multi use foil packets. Just remember to label your jars. I frequently use this with the Mane Club’s Hair masks (highly recommend their masks – Cry baby is my favorite actually, really helps detangle). I just save a couple of the prettier looking moisturizer jars and reuse them for mask control. I use masking tape and a sharpie to label them so they can be easily reused repeatedly.

While the conditioner is nice, it is again not a super exciting product. And it always slightly irks me when shampoo and conditioner don’t come in sets. Maybe it is a Noah’s Ark complex but shampoo and conditioner always look like they are missing something if they arrive on their own and not two by two.

The third item I was very happy to see. It was the spoiler for last month and was a deluxe Mini of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I am always happy to see an Elemis Product in any box. It is one of my absolute favorite skincare brands. They tend to cost a bit more, but I have never had a product form them that I didn’t like. They were the highlight of this box for me.

There are however three other items in the box. The next is the Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle cleanser. Oddly enough as my Andalou Cleansing Milk is about to run out, I chose a smaller sample size of this cleanser to try out. The sample I will be opening tomorrow morning is a smaller tube while this is a deluxe mini. Glow Recipe is hit or miss for me. Some of the products I really love. Others, i end up struggling to see what all they hype is about. hopefully this one will prove to be on the fantastic side. we shall see.

The Invisibobble is another product that I am sort of on the fence about. I have a couple of them and they are okay but not the hear bands I always reach for. This box (retail $8) has a box of three and I have to say I do like that they are the slim version.

Pink is original, gray is new slim

I like the look of the thinner bands and I think that they may work better with my hair. I will have to give them a try, but I am interested. I also like that it is a full sized three pack instead of just one tie. The new ones are gray. I put it in the picture with one of my older original ones (pink) so you can see the difference between regular and slim. So I am cautiously optimistic about these hair bands.

The final item this month was the only makeup item in the box. Which is not that unusual as this does tend to be a very skincare heavy box. It is a full size of the KAB Cosmetics Juicy Melon Lip oil. (retail $21).

The lip oil is mostly clear with a small tint of color. to it. the scent is vaguely melon crossed with coconut. It isn’t bad, but I’m not sure why the coconut scent is there. The doe foot applicator is huge looking to me. In fact the entire lip oil looks incredibly large to me. I like the little dip at the end of the applicator though so it will be interesting to see how it performs when it is applied. I’ll be using it throughout the week and get back to you on how I feel about it.

doe foot

And that was it for the Birthday Box. I am excited for the Elemis and interested in a couple of the other products but I think because it was a Birthday box I expected something more celebratory. This just sort of felt a little flat. To be fair I wouldn’t mind this box at all if it were just a regular month. I know that sounds a bit strange to say. I think that because they kept sending out ‘Get ready for our Birthday’ e-mails that I expected something had a bigger wow factor. The products more than covered the cost of the box and I love that three of them were full sized. So I like the box, I just expected more this month.

If that makes sense.

maybe it is because last year they made a bigger deal of their birthday. I don’t know. Even after reviewing the box I’m still not entirely certain how i feel about this month. Usually I love Glossybox. So I am willing to let a puzzling month slide and then hope normality resumes next month. Although i have no idea what next month holds. There was no teaser on the back of the info card this month. Usually they share a spoiler of the upcoming box. This month there was none. So I guess all of September will be a surprise. Fingers crossed its a good one.

Erno Laszlo is having a sale. It is the perfect time to stock up. Personally, I love the original Black cleansing bar and thee Under eye masks. I have to admit some of their other cleansers and masks are calling to me as well. With 30% off I just might be able to justify it.

Dive into Summer Savings! 30% Off Sitewide with code FF30 at checkout.

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