Face Palette Declutter, September 2021

To be honest, face palettes were an interesting category for me to declutter.  When I started to get them out, I thought that I had only one or two.  Mostly because there are about two that I use on a regular basis.  The others were more or less tucked in with my eyeshadows and tended to blend.  If you include the blush and highlighter palettes, the sum total of my face palettes came to twelve. 

When all was said and done, two are instant declutters and one is a ‘try and see if it is still usable, but I think it might be expired, so possibly declutter or just put away for nostalgias sake’. I know it’s a strange category.  Let’s start with the two simple declutters.

The first is the Highlighter duo from Complex Culture.  Complex Culture is a brand owned by IPSY and some of their products filter into Glam bags now and then.  I actually really like their brushes, but thus far I am not a huge fan of their products.  I found their eyeshadows patchy and hard to work with and this highlighter duo is just, meh.

It has one gold and one silver shade of highlighters.  The pan size is large, the packaging sleek modern and luxe looking.  In fact I really like their packaging.  It makes me that much more sad when I don’t actually like their products.  They aren’t bad, just ordinary. 

I have these shades in the same shades in formulas I like a lot more.  In fact I think I have repeats of these shades so I’m probably going to declutter some of these as well. I love golden highlight, but there are only so many you actually need. And this one I don’t need.  I tried each shade once and decided to set it aside.  I will clean it with disinfectant wipes and set it aside looking as fresh as possible for someone else to use.  But it will be passed on.

The second item that is being decluttered is something I wasn’t entirely sure what category to put it in.  It is the shimmer palette from Kypris.  I love Kypris skincare.  Their serums are absolutely fantastic.  These shimmer/highlights, not so much. 

If you use them as an eyeshadow then no matter what sort of lid primer or setting spray you use, they will dribble down your face in about two hours. With lid primer, you might get two and half hours. If you use them as highlighters, then they tend to blend in until you lose all color from them and just end up looking like a glittery vampire from one of the Twilight movies.

Don’t get me wrong, the look has its place, but that place isn’t really in my day to day look.  As much as I really wanted to love this, I just didn’t.  I think I really wanted to love it because I love their skincare.  I think I kept it in the drawer so long because when I looked at it I saw Kypris on the top and thought ‘oh I like Kypris.’  But the truth is I like Kypris skincare and this is a whole different thing.

And finally we come to the thing I ought to declutter and am trying to convince myself I don’t need to declutter.  And that is the KVD Shade and Light Cream Contour palette. Here is the thing.  I have had this palette forever and a day.  I know it has almost definitely reached the point of expiration.  And to be honest, there was one contour shade that I used in this palette.  Even when contouring was at it’s height, I never went in hard on it.  In fact the way I use my bronzer now is more or less how I always used my contours. I really enjoyed the product actually and I have been liking more cream products in general lately.  I never used the lighter whites and pinks and I used my one bronzer shade. That shade is showing pan and has only a little product left.  The other pans look virtually untouched.  The other dark shades are just not suitable for my skin tone and the pink and whites I just didn’t use. 

I think what I am going to do, in an effort to get myself to let go, because I really need to, is attempt to use the contour one last time.  I’ll remind myself how it works and then if I still like it, then I can look on the new updated KVD site. I know they sell the single contour shades in smaller palettes so I might just go for those. Or I will just get a refillable pan and take out all of the expired pans from this palette and just put the single pan in. I’ll have to took at options. I know they have a huge Labor Day sale going on this weekend so I may just pop in and see what variations they now sell.

With the changes I am not certain if it is still sold.  I will have to check.  Aside from that one use, it will not be used again.  If I keep it, it will be for sentimental reasons.  In general I am not sentimental about makeup, but I picked it up when shopping with a friend and that friend is no longer with us, so it is more a sentimental remembrance of her than of the makeup. So if it is kept it will be for that reason alone.  But there will be one last attempt to use it, if only to convince myself that I shouldn’t and that it is time for it to go away.

And that is it for my face palettes.  I don’t have a lot of face palettes to be honest, but the ones I do have, I really like.  I suspect the bronzer and contour palettes are going to end up having only one or two pans used out of them before I end up letting them go.  With the Ace Beaute there is really only one pan I use for my bronzer.  I do occasionally dip into the darkest bronze shade in that palette when I want a quick eyeshadow without bothering to find eyeshadow, but as it is a full pan of bronzer it would take forever and a day to use it as eyeshadow (and to be honest it isn’t very good eyeshadow it is just laziness or a time crunch that has me using it.) 

With the Park Avenue Princess Palette I can use the lighter shades as face powder actually so it will actually see more use. And quite frankly I do love that palette and I’m glad that it is now no longer buried and I can reach it more easily. I don’t think Tarte still sells the large palette, but all of the shades are sold separately so I would probably just pick up Princess Cut when I go to repurchase.

And that is really the point of the declutter my darlings.  It is to look at what has, in one way or another come into my house and decide what it is that I enjoy using, what I would like to pass on while it can still be used by someone else and what must, regrettable be disposed of. Of the three things leaving, two can easily be passed on.  It is only the sentimental piece that will either linger in the drawer or regrettably be disposed of in as environmentally friendly a way as I can devise.  This wasn’t a massive clear out by any means, but as it wasn’t a large category, I am satisfied with what I am getting rid of overall.  I suspect other categories may end up being a lot more dramatic.

KVD Vegan Beauty

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