The Daily: September 15th, 2021

Good Afternoon my darlings and welcome to the middle of the week. I don’t know why but it always feels like an uphill battle to reach Wednesday. Sort of like an office version of wading uphill through molasses. Somehow once Wednesday is over the process is reversed and I try very hard not to be swept down hill by the swiftly flowing flood waters.

I know it is nothing new. But for the moment I am between the slog and the desperate attempt not to be rushed towards the weekend. It is the moment where I caught up with everything that needed to be caught up, and I am now surveying the large expanse of week left before me. It will all change in the morning, but I’ll take it for today.

It is a strange day though. My baby doll is home today. He is taking some really strong antibiotics to knock a really nasty sinus infection out and today the antibiotics have sent him a bit woozy. Its like the antibiotics decided today was the day to marshal their forces and attack the sinus infection in mass and need all of their resources to do it. He has oscillated between napping and wandering through out the house in a bit of a zombie like state.

Admittedly a lot of it was sleeping, but there were many bouts of questions about where we keep things. Which is less that he doesn’t know where things are and more that he just wanted a little attention because he felt badly. So it was a productive, but interrupted day. It also means that I am skipping my walk to stay close today.

At the moment is is down for the count. And he actually went down for the count with a smile. When the mail arrived today it brought him some Huron Bath products. Its a bath and body care line for men (I’ll link the website below in the ad if you are interested).

My babydoll is fun with bath products. He really likes to think of himself as a very basic sort of person. And he will never actually buy bath products for himself But he really likes using some of the “fancier” products if the “happen” to be in the bathroom and they don’t smell girly.

I know he doesn’t actually believe that there is a bath products fairy that visits our house every time his soap gets low, but I think he likes to think he is just using what is naturally there. And he always gets a little smile when he sees that “fancy” products have come into the house and are for him. Admittedly he also appropriates some of my products sometimes.

Now that bath season is upon us (or at least close by, it is still a bit too hot to actually sit in a bath tub) I’ve reordered the Zents Mandarin Bath Truffles and I am certain at least half of them will be used by my babydoll. On a cold night after a long day he really likes sitting in a hot well scented bath while listening to a pod cast and sipping on a glass of whiskey.

Which reminds me I need to look into some small speakers for the bathroom and or shower. I want to get them as a nice surprise going into the holiday season. With all that is going on it is likely to be a stressful one and I know he loves listening to podcasts in the bath but is paranoid of dropping his ear buds in the water. I might do some research this evening if he decides to sleep it away. Even though it won’t be an actual holiday gift, I need to start getting my holiday gift buying list together anyway so now seems as good a time to start as any. But that is for later.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Foundation Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

Bronzer: Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer in South Beach

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in OMG

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: Tarteist Pro Palette

Mascara: ABH Lash Brag Mascara

Lips: Wet ‘n Wild Mega Last Lipstick

Setting spray: Benefit Cosmetics The Porfessional Supper Setter Setting Spray.

Necklace: The Rachel Zoe Collection

I’ll be honest I mostly went for products that were easy to use. Most of these are products I don’t have to think about too much, I just know they are going to perform. I know it makes for a less than exciting makeup application, but today I just needed to go for what works.

There is also an element of I forgot I had that, or I haven’t used that in a while. I always get that right after a declutter. It is where things that got buried resurface and I fall in love all over again. Foundations are a big one with this category. With foundations I will give them a week’s trial and if I don’t like them I send them on their way quickly. I also really love foundation samples. That way I can generally tell if a foundation is worth picking up. This is especially important with the pricier ones.

The Koh Gen Do is kind of up there in price (I generally wait for a sale to pick it up). The problem is that I get it into my head that I can only use it for special occasions. And really, it is my ‘going out’ foundation. I heard a lot of hype about this foundation and how fabulous it was and I was skeptical. But Koh Gen Do lets you order sample packets in a range of shades of their foundation so you can find your shade by trying out the range. It is a fairly inexpensive way to try the foundation actually. And so worth it. It melts into the skin, blends beautifully and is just all round fantastic. It is the one I reach for when I am going someplace ‘nice’. I need to start reaching for it more often as it is a great foundation and really, I’m not going that many places. If we go out for food we typically end up getting the food to go so at the moment ‘nice’ means running to the library or Target.

But it is the foundation that I don’t have to worry about and today, that was what I wanted. I also wanted a little while to myself to put it on which is about what I got. I think it turned out well. At least I’m happy with the look. I’m also somewhat tickled that my go to, easy to use products range from my most expensive foundation and primer to what has to be one of my least expensive lipsticks. Still in expensive or not, Wet’ n Wild megalast lipstick is well worth keeping around. And it is a formula that can easily hold it’s own in the makeup bag with the pricier products. And in the end what works, works regardless of price. The price range does amuse me though.

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