The Daily: September 16th, 2021

Hello my darlings I hope you are having a fantastic Thursday. Today I went on an extra long walk to make up for the lack of walk yesterday. Unfortunately, there is something in the air. I don’t know what sent it out, but there is a thick layer of pollen in the air. While the walk was in general good for me, the pollen hit my allergies hard.

The eyes are watering and itchy and I have lost count of how many sneezes have issued forth. It was as thought the walking trail staged a biological attack. I am glad I got the exercise though as not walking yesterday made me feel a bit twitchy. Although to be honest, I think the pollen was high yesterday as well and having me taken down by allergies when my babydoll is feeling poorly is not a good idea. In our household it is best if only one of us is under the weather at a time.

I thought about makeup. I did. And then I sneezed five times in rapid succession and had to wipe off my streaming eyes. So I decided makeup today was a bad idea. Do you know what I decided was a good idea?

This mask.

Oh yeah, it was a fantastic idea. This cold mask came in a Macy’s Beauty Box a while ago and it may be one of the best things I have gotten out of a beauty box, especially a $15 one. I keep it in the fridge for headaches and allergies. It works really well for both. The back is a soft cotton/blend material instead of plastic so it mellows the cold so that it feels cool against the skin but not fridge cold. Plus the layer of cloth keeps it from immediately heating up with your body temperature so you get the cooling effects longer. With the ones that are just the gel beads all the way through I find that they are too cold at first and then they lose the cold too fast. I am always amazed at how effective just that little bit of cloth actually is.

Just something to think about when you are shopping for something like this.

I’m also amazed at how effective just laying down with this mask on for about ten minutes can be. I probably still won’t be wearing makeup today, but my eyes are less puffy and I can actually get more work done. Sometimes a ten minute break is really the most helpful thing you can do to boost your own productivity. If you are in an office, your boss and coworkers might object, but if you are working from home and are hit with the puffy eyed allergy monster, taking the ten minutes can mean a world of difference to your productivity.

But no makeup or not, now that I am feeling a bit refreshed, or at least not quite so puffy, it is back to work for me. I took the ten minutes off my lunch time break so I’m not making up time, but there is still a lot to get done before I can slide into Friday and my weekend plans. So hi ho hi ho it is back to work I go.

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