The Daily: September 22nd, 2021

Oh my darlings the plans of the day have gone by the wayside. While it has been raining all week, today was the big one. Rain, wind and all sorts of calamity. We’ve lost power twice today and as I started to put on my make up for the day, I heard a lovely crash and some thumping. Deciding it needed investigation I went to see what was up.

The patio furniture was blown over and one of the chairs slammed into the side of the house. So I collected the chairs and put them and the table into the shed so no further issues would occur. About the time i got the patio furniture secured, the wind decided the trashcan looked like a fun toy to play with.

So I went chasing after it. Out neighborhood trash collector doesn’t use the large wheelie bins but just smaller old school barrel shaped trash cans, although ours is rubbermaid plastic instead of metal. Which makes it very light and easy for the wind to roll. Luckily we hadn’t put the trash into the bin yet as it isn’t collected until Friday. The trash may have made the bin too heavy for the wind to take or it could have just caused more of a mess.

As it was I chased the trashcan through the rain, and out neighbors yard. I also managed to catch their trash can as well so they were happy with my chase. I returned home drenched, covered in mud from where I slipped on the wet grass and looking like I was melting from whee the wind and rain hit what little makeup I had on.

I dumped my clothing in the washing machine, dried off, got dressed in dry clothed, took off what remained of my makeup and decided today was just going to be a no makeup day.

So there are no products listed today. I am wind and rain blasted. However as a bonus I am fairly certain I burned more calories in my running, jumping skidding and corralling in the rain than I would have done on an actual walk.

So you know what? Tonight, there will be a cheese plate and a nice glass of wine.

It won’t be a lot of cheese or more than one glass of wine, because I am still trying to keep my calorie count in check, but still I believe if one skids down a muddy hill in order to catch a runaway trashcan a reward is deserved. I’m pretty sure its a rule somewhere.

But the thunder is sounding and the lights are flickering. Again. Outside the rumble of emergency vehicles can be heard. They did a quick repair of some sort this morning but I suspect they have returned to make it more secure. It will definitely make this evening an interesting adventure. According to the weatherman this is the storms last hurrah. It should taper off tonight and tomorrow should be dry and quite a bit cooler than it has been. Perhaps this storm has finally brought autumn in.

As for me, I’m going to see how much work I can get done before we lose power again. Because something tells me, there will be at least one more outage before we are done. Its kind of fun because the city is in the middle of repairing and installing new powerlines in our neighborhood because our system hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Only about half of the neighborhood is done which is why things are a little iffy. Still fingers crossed for at least part of a good working day.

No Fine Print Wine

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